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Get to know Nicotine Dolls Lead Singer Sam Cieri at AGT 2022

America’s Got Talent is back in 2022 and lined up with some great singers and contestants this season. Sam Cieri’s audition manages to surprise the judges and the AGT fans on the 19th of July episode. It was the most sensational performance on the AGT stage yesterday. Here are some facts about Sam Cieri’s biography, family, relationships, career, and net worth.

Sam Cieri biography

Sam’s full name is Sam Cieri. His New York rock band name is Nicotine Dolls. Cieri currently resides in New Jersey, United States. He is from Boca Raton, Florida. Sam is an American. He is a Christian. Sam is in his twenties right now. Cieri’s birthday is on the 11th of May. Earlier he worked as a painter and cleaned houses.

He is well-talented and skillful in cleaning, but not with painting. Then he turned his life and make music as his business. Now he is a professional vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. Ciera is one of the founders of the New York rock band. He is the rhythm guitarist of Nicotine Dolls. Cieri is reportedly single. It is very clear that he is enjoying his life as a musician.

Family and relationship

There is very less information about his parents. His mother’s name is Brea Cieri. Sam has an incredible older sister and she is a mom to her daughter. His sister’s name is Sophia. Her birthday is on 19th December. Sam may have a close relationship with Mackenzie Lesserr-Roy. Mackenzie is an actor, musician, and embroidery artist.

Surely she is a lovely girlfriend of Sam. She has posted a picture of them on their anniversary on Instagram in 2019. You can follow her on Instagram at @Mackenzie Lesser-Roy. But there is no evidence of their relationship for the last two years.

AGT singer Sam Cieri has a close relationship with the Nicotine Dolls band and its members. Other members are guitarist John hays, bassist John Merritt, and drummer Abel Tabares.

Sam Cieri with his girlfriend Mackenzie Lesser-Roy
Sam Cieri with his girlfriend Mackenzie Lesser-Roy

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

Sam introduced himself and he says, “I put music out as nicotine dolls.” His sensational audition amazed the judges and the audience within two and a half minutes. “ I mean if Rob Stewart and John Mayer had a baby,” Heidi said after the performance. Then Sofia says,” It was so different and sexy and this is your moment sam” she added.

All three judges give their compliments on his amazing performance. AGT Sam advanced to the next round as he impressed the judges very much. He earned three yes votes from all three judges.


He started his music career after quitting his job. Cieri is a co-founder of a New York-based rock band titled Nicotine Dolls. Also, he is the owner and founder of OutaLine Productions. Last week, Sam Cieri performed in London with Nicotine Dolls. “Till We Both Say” is an original song done by Nicotine Dolls. He is well established with this New York rock band and they are regularly performed for different kinds of audiences in the United States.

Social Media

His performance on AGT is getting viral on YouTube. It has passed 635K views within a single day. He is maintaining his own YouTube channel. It has amassed only 745 subscribers in it. Sam has already posted 5 of his own videos on YouTube. You can follow AGT Sam on his Facebook page. He has dropped several videos on it.

AGT Sam Cieri has a total of 5846 followers, while he only follows back about 142 people. He has a total of 715 posts on his Instagram account. Sam used to drop posts regularly on his Instagram account. He used his Instagram account to send birthday wishes to his close ones.  You can listen to Nicotine Dolls on Spotify. Also, he is available on Apple Music.

Sam Cieri in America's Got Talent
Sam Cieri in America’s Got Talent

Sam Cieri’s Net Worth

There is no exact figure about his net worth. He may earn a considerable amount of money through performing as a singer in their rock band titled “ Nicotine Dolls.” However, Sam is trying his best to establish himself in the music industry as a professional musician.


There is nothing much about AGT Sam’s family. Nothing much about his dad. No information about his age, and educational qualifications. But most of AGT Cieri’s social media facts and career facts are here in this article. He used to reveal his personal life on social media like Instagram. However, Sam will come with another surprise audition in the very next round. Stay tuned!

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How old is Sam Cieri AGT?

Sam Cieri is in his twenties. There is no exact information about his age.

Where is Sam Cieri from?

Sam Cieri is from Boca Raton, Florida

What is Sam Cieri’s band name?

Sam Cieri’s band name is Nicotine Dolls.

Who is Sam Cieri’s girlfriend?

Sam Cieri’s girlfriend is Mackenzie Lesser-Roy

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