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Meet Singer Connor Johnson AGT 2022 + Biography & Net worth

The Hawaii surfer impressed all during the June 28 episode on AGT. Connor Johnson is a street performer who loves to sing for people every night. AGT Connor delivered a really good audition after having a second chance from Simon. He has the ability to attract an audience other than anyone else. His incredible performance earned a standing ovation from the audience throughout his second performance. This article revolves around AGT Connor’s lifestyle, family, relationships, career, and net worth.

Connor Johnson biography

Connor’s full name is Connor Johnson. He is just 23 years of age. His birth year is around 1998/99. Connor AGT lives in Hawaii. AGT Johnson is of Asian-Pacific descent. He is a first-generation American. Johnson is still unmarried.

There is nothing about his birthday, height, and weight. He introduced himself as a Street performer and a Surfer. AGT Connor’s big dream is to play for the fans every night. There is no doubt that Johnson is very much friendly with the waves and the tides of Hawaiian beaches. Connor Johnson AGT is also a regular athletic person.

Connor Johnson in America's Got Talent
Connor Johnson in America’s Got Talent

Family and relationship

Johnson’s family immigrated to the United States in the 1970s. They are from Yangon, Myanmar. Connor’s mom is working in the military. She is a nurse. His mom is working as a nurse for almost 30 years now. AGT Connor Johnson is very much proud of his mother as she served a lot for his country.

In 2021, Connor posted a photo of himself with his mom. He did it to commemorate his mom’s moment when she was getting the honor. She came with her son to the AGT audience to watch his son’s performance. There is nothing about his dad, siblings, and girlfriend.

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?        

Connor came to AGT last week with his military mom. He starts to sing Lewis Capaldi’s “Forever” song. But he was stopped by Simon Cowell by raising up his hand as it was a bit boring. The audience gets upset about that decision. Then he performed his second song with an acoustic version.

Johnson sang  Disclosure’s “Latch” and impressed all the judges. Cowell gets surprised the second time around, noting it “it was a really good audition.” AGT Connor is moving to the next round after having huge support from the audience. Judges give him four “yes” votes. Eventually, Simon said, “now you have got four yeses, congratulations,” he says.


AGT Connor is a Waikiki-based Hawaiian musician. He used to perform acoustic pop songs on the streets for the last few years. His arrangements are different and unique. AGT Connor Johnson is playing at weddings for years.

In March 2022, he gets joined by Jenny Yim, another singer. Their cover of Ed Sheeran’s song has received a lot of attention on social media. He also does gaming on occasion. His career flows with the music. He frequently updates his social media accounts with his musical covers. 

Connor Johnson’s Net Worth

There are no exact figures on his net worth. Exactly Connor AGT  may earn a considerable amount of money through social media and by playing at streets, weddings, and parties.

Social Media

He is well famous on social media. Especially he has a huge fan club on Instagram. He has 25.6K Instagram followers now. You can follow Connor Johnson on Instagram at @connorjohnson98. Johnson has uploaded 305 posts in it. Connor’s Instagram Page frequently posted photos of him. Those photos are about his surfing and beach with pals.

Johnson AGT starts his Instagram page in January 2022 by uploading his own song, “ Irresistible.” Then the fans request him to release the complete version of it.  Connor Johnson AGT is also a rated musician in TokTok. He has 43.7K followers on TikTok. He frequently uploads cover songs by musicians such as Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, and Oasis.

The AGT Hawaiian singer got more attraction from fans after uploading his cover of “ Bad Habits” on TikTok. Now his social media accounts are full of covers and songs that he has co-written.


Although most of Connor’s career facts are in this article, there is nothing much about his family, and net worth. No information about his girlfriend. He hasn’t revealed much about his personal life to his fans. But he has earned a big amount of fans throughout his career.  We hope that Connor will do a serious attractive performance in the very next round. Stay tuned!


How old is Connor Johnson AGT?

Connor Johnson is 23 years of age.

Where is Connor Johnson from?

Connor Johnson is from Hawaii.

Who is Connor Johnson?

Connor Johnson is a Street singer and a surfer.

What is Connor Johnson AGT nationality?

AGT Hawaiwan singer Connor’s nationality is American and his ethnicity is Asian-Pacific descent.

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