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AGT singer Merissa Beddows’ net worth, lifestyle, and facts

AGT singer Merissa Beddows sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in her original voice. She impressed all the judges and the audience with her 6 impressions. Beddows is a brave-hearted young lady. She is carrying a campaign to find expenses for her disabled mom. Here you can find out about AGT Merissa’s net worth, lifestyle, family, relationships, and other facts.

Merissa Beddows Biography

Merissa Beddows comes to the AGT representing New York. She is an American. AGT Beddows’ religion is Christianity. Merissa is a 23 years old young lady. There is nothing about her birthday information. Beddows is still a student. She is studying at the Curtis Institute of Music, Pennsylvania. Merissa likes to introduce herself as an Opera singer with a passion for impressions.

In her bio, she lists herself as a Soprano, Comedian, and Impersonator. She is a very talkative girl. Her hair color is brown. She created a funding program to find the money for her mother’s medical expenses. Beddow revealed that she fills fights with her all strength until her mother gets what she needs.

Merissa Beddows in America's Got Talent
Merissa Beddows in America’s Got Talent

Family and Relationships

Merissa’s mother is a disabled woman for years. She is suffering a series of medical emergencies. Beddows has created a GoFundMe campaign for her mother on her social media profiles. She tries her best to raise funds for her mother’s medical expenses.

Beddow’s father passed away when she was just 11. Since Merissa was the caretaker of her mother. Her ultimate goal is to raise that fund up to $25K. for her mother’s long-term facility. There is no information about her boyfriend and siblings. She may be the only child of their family.

What happened at American’s Got Talent auditions?

Merissa Beddows recently came to AGT wearing a beautiful long black frock. Before Merissa starts her audition, she tells to Heidi “ I would like to play a game. This die has six of some of my favorite impressions that I do on it.” Then she continues’ “I’ m going to begin singing Somewhere over the rainbow and I’m asking you to give me a name” she added.

Heidi accepted the request and Beddow begins to perform to the audience. Little a while crowd went crazy on her beautiful audition. During the performance, Klum called out which impression Merissa would do next. AGT Merissa singer sang continuously as Ariana Grande, Stevie Nicks, Celine Dion, Snow White, her own grandmother, and even Siri. Eventually, Beddows earned a stand ovation from the judges. She had all four “Yes” es from the judges.

What happened to Merissa Beddows in the semifinal?

In the semi-finals, Merissa started to show her amazing singing impressions from a young age. From “O Mio Babbino Caro”, to the Family Guy theme song, to “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence, to “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher. It impressed judges and the audience and her performance brought her to the top 5 acts of the semi-final week four. She got good comments from all AGT judges.

But she was unable to get enough public votes to select the top two acts of the week. Sew was eliminated and stand-up comedian Mike E. Winfield and AI software company Metaphysic were the finalists of the live show semi-final week 4.


Beddows has Participated in the High School Vocal Competition in 2015. She was only 15 years at that time. Merissa lost her father when she was just 11 years old. As her mother is also a disabled woman, she has to look after the family. She has been the primary caregiver for her mother. Merissa’s goal is to raise $25K fund to her mother for her long-term facility. She has named that campaign “ GoFundMe.”

AGT Merissa is learning more about singing at a music college. She is maintaining good recognition on social media like TikTok, and Instagram. Beddows is often uploading videos to those social media.

Social Media

AGT Merissa is very popular on her Instagram and TikTok. You will be surprised by her talent for blending opera with celebrity impressions. Beddows has over 745K followers on her TikTok. She is on TikTok at @merissabeddows. The young lady has received over 13 million likes on her videos.

Merissa has over 41K followers on Instagram. She has shared many impression videos on Britney Spears, Evanescence, and Billie Eilish. Merissa on Instagram at @merissaria. Beddows is on Facebook at Merissaria. Her email address is [email protected]. Beddows’s performance on AGT got viral on YouTube. It has more than 1.2 million views in four days. 

Merissa Beddows Net Worth

There are no exact figures on her net worth. But she created a GoFundMe campaign to find funds for her mother’s medical expenses. She has collected $4500 into that fund right now. Her goal is to collect $25K for her mother’s expenses. Also, she earns a considerable amount of money by uploading impressive videos to social media.


Although most of Merissa’s career facts are in this article, there is nothing much about her biography and relationships. However, she will do some amazing things in the next round on the AGT stage. We will update you with the latest information. Stay tuned!


Where is Merissa Beddow from?

Merissa Beddow is from NewYork, United States

How old is Merissa Beddows?

Merissa Beddows is just 23 years in age.

Where is Merissa Beddow studying?

Merissa is studying at the Curtis Institute of Music, Pennsylvania.

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