Everything about Stand-up Comedian Jordan Conley at AGT 2022

What happened to Jordan Conley in Americas’s Got Talent 2022?

Jordan Conley is a stand-up comedian in America’s Got Talent 2022 from Grove, California. He was eliminated from the semi-finals. He is a stand-up comedian in his career, and after AGT he is extremely busy with comedy shows. Jordan’s net worth is not revealed yet, but it’s sure that now he is earning well.

Let’s peep briefly into what happened to Jordan Conley in the Americas Got Talent and the latest facts about his biography, relationships, and lifestyle.

Jordan Conley’s biography and early life

Jorden is 29 years old comedian from Garden grove, Califonia, USA.

In addition to acting, Jordan Conley is a stand-up comedian. His performances in “Jonny Loquasto: Physical Therapy” (2021), “Vows” (2020), and “Under Wraps 2” have earned him recognition. At the age of 18, Jordan attended his first open mic, where he performed terribly but enjoyed himself. Jordan had to give it up because he had no way of getting to the comedy gigs beyond the first time.

Six years later, once Jordan had purchased his first car, he decided to drop out of school and immediately return to stand-up comedy. Jordan started out by regularly appearing at between 12 and 15 open mics to hone his skills and pursue his goal of becoming famous.

The first cash gig for Jordan Smiles, a comedian, came two months after he began doing stand-up for fun. His uncle, Dextor Smiles, was responsible for this. Jordan performed in front of 500 churchgoers for $50. He claims to have opened the performance for the first five minutes and was nervous about it.

Stand-up Comedian Jordan Conley in America's Got Talent
Stand-up Comedian Jordan Conley in America’s Got Talent

Jordan Conley’s Net Worth

To date, Jordan Conley has not shared details about his net worth. Whenever information becomes available, we will post it here.

Family and Relationships

Regarding the family and relationships of comedian Jordan Conley, we were unable to uncover any information. We’ll update this page as soon as they are discovered.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

In season 17 episode 05, Jordan Conley auditioned by giving a stand-up comedy performance. Howie’s criticism of Jordan’s stand-up routine centered on the concept of sincerity, which stood out to the audience. Howie said, “there’s no separation between who that person is, and this is not an act,” when describing what makes a comedian a celebrity.

When asked to compare him to Hart, he said that, like Hart, people would exclaim, “I love Jordan Conley,” because he himself is on stage. Howie’s intense reaction to Jordan can be explained in large part by the fact that his set focuses on his experience as the kid of two military parents, with stories of his funny replies to their requests that he follows in their footsteps.

It wasn’t only Howie who admired Jordan; the panel overwhelmingly agreed. Sofia praised his boundless enthusiasm, saying he had a bright future ahead of him. For being “super, super talented,” Simon remarked, he is “naturally fun,” and the judge thought his audition went well.

Heidi commented that she was impressed by how quickly his humor switched from one topic to another but that she was able to keep up. It appears that Jordan may realize his ambition to perform in front of bigger crowds than those who attend Kevin Hart performances.

What happened to Jordan Conley in the AGT semi-finals?

In the AGT semi-final performance, Jordan impressed the judges and audience with his funny and hilarious jokes. Simon Cowell was the most impressed judge on the panel.

When it comes to judges’ comets Howie Mandel said, “you are just loveable, you are likable, and relatable and that all you need, you have the energy and you have the spirit and people just want to spend time with you”

Heidi Klum added, “I think you are very funny. my favorite part is your physical comedy the way you kind of present it, I think you are great”

“You did brilliant tonight, your comedy is original to you, I think our audience is going to love you after this performance,” said Simon Cowell.

Jorden was unable to get enough public votes for select top five ats of the week. He was eliminated in the semi-final.


Because his family wasn’t supportive of his decision to pursue comedy, Jordan had a tough time getting his career off the ground. His parents, he added, “would still try to talk him out of my choices and explore other occupations other than stand-up comedy after I returned home happy with my three minutes of open mic comedy.” After Jordan’s first comedic performance, his parents changed their opinions and have been very encouraging ever since.

The other problem was that Jordan didn’t have enough money to back up his choice of career. Given that he rarely got up before 2 in the morning, he had to find a day job that paid somewhat more than the bare minimum to make up for his late nights out at open mics.

His act consists mainly of self-deprecating jokes that poke fun at himself while remaining positive and inspiring to an audience. Because making others laugh is his greatest passion, Jordan uses comedy as a means of healing. He recently worked as the Co-host of “I Survived Bear Grylls” and he is appearing in Under Wraps 2 which was released in 2022.

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How old is Jordan Conley AGT comedian?

Jordan Conley’s age is 29 as of 2022.

Where is AGT black comedian Jordan Conley from?

Jordan Conley is from Garden Grove, California, and originally from Orange County.

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