Here’s what no one tells you about AGT Chloe Chambers

Who is Chloe Chambers?

Chloe Chambers might be a familiar name for your ears by now. But when did you hear this name? Can you remember in a split second?

Chloe Chambers AGT is a 17 years old girl in New York who is claiming the world record for the fastest vehicle slalom. Now she is competing in most car races around the world.

Chloe Chambers Biography and Early life

AGT Extreme Chloe Chambers age is 17 years for 2022. She started karting at such a young age, at age 8. The seven years of kart racing experience helped her reach her target, once she announced. Since then, she has had this undying passion and enthusiasm for car racing. After two years from that, in 2014, she participated in highly competitive Eastern Canadian Karting Championship and national-level U.S. races. It’s a fortune for her that she has been guided and coached by three-time world champion Ben Cooper.

2019 is the year that Chloe was able to turn the eyes of the world towards her by racking up a number of high-profile wins and championships. In SKUSA super nationals in Las Vegas, she ranked 3rd out of 80 best drivers.

Now Chloe is ready to shoot for the stars. She has set goals to win in IndyCar, formula 1. She has already begun building up a team with the best chemistry. 

Once in an interview, she was asked what would happen if she wouldn’t achieve her goals. She replied realistically, she’s not sure what she will achieve in motorsports and without working hard to find opportunities and making the most of them when she does. It’s just a matter of giving out the best effort, she said.

Chloe Chambers Family and relationships  

Chloe Chambers mother and father are Matt Chambers and Shannon Dooley Chambers. She also has two younger siblings, Oliver and Emma Claire. There’s no news about her relationship. In her social media accounts, she also doesn’t seem like someone in a relationship. Maybe she is private about her relationship, or no one could catch this little speedster yet.

What happened at AGT?

Chloe did participate in America got talent 2022, and her act is one of the most hyped acts in the AGT ’22. Not just because of her performance but also her rivalry with Simon. OMG! She literally challenged Simon to race with her!

Her challenge was to drive on a kick plate and slalom. Driving on a kick plate is like driving on ice. There’s a 100% possibility you could slip out of the track. So, she has to finish online without slipping out to win the challenge.

Simon took the challenge first, and he slipped out without even completing half on the track. But Chloe was able to keep her car on track until the end. It was such eye candy to watch.

She also took Simon in the slalom with a 2 second gap. These 2 seconds is a huge gap in the car racing world. So theoretically, Simon needs practice forever to pass over her.

Eventually, she got big fat yeses from the judging panel. Everyone praised her attitude and her will to break the barriers. You can expect more from her in the future on the AGT stage.
17-Year-Old Racecar Driver Chloe Chambers Challenges Simon Cowell to a Race | AGT: Extreme 2022

Chloe Chambers world record

The girl faster than the wind “Chloe Chambers.”

has become the record holder for the fastest vehicle slalom with the new benchmark pace of 47.45-second. With the help of the Porsche 718 Spyder.

It wasn’t easy. She has to drive around 50 cones spaced 15.05 meters apart in less than 48.11 seconds.

It was a nail-biting attempt for everyone as no one thought she would make it until the end. Even Chloe! But in the end, she was thrilled with the news brought by her father that she had broken the record.

She has shared her thoughts after her victory like

“It looks easy, but it’s really not – to weave between 50 cones as fast as possible, to try to beat a record time and knowing I couldn’t touch a single one for the run to count – I definitely felt the pressure. I got into its rhythm on my final run, the car worked beautifully, and I found the grip I needed. Thank you to my family and to Porsche for supporting me and for believing in me.”

Chloe Chambers at AGT Extreme 2022
Chloe Chambers at AGT Extreme 2022

Social media

Chloe isn’t much of a social media person, and her accounts are also kind of dry. All of my social media accounts have gotten fever than 1k followers. She’s a rock star in the making. Maybe this will boost soon.

Chole Chambers social media profiles

Chloe Chambers Net worth

Chloe from AGT extreme has not yet revealed her net worth. We’ll update you as soon as it is published.

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Is Simon Cowell a race car driver?

No Simon Cowel, not a Race car driver. But he loves cars. At AGT Extreme 2022 auditions Chloe Chambers challenged Simon Cowell for a race. Simon accepted the challenge and he slipped out without even completing half on the track. But Chloe Chambers was able to keep her car on track until the end. It was such eye candy to watch.

Who is Chloe Chambers father?

Chloe Chambers’ father is Matt Chambers. He is one of Chloe’s coaches.

Where is Chloe Chambers from?

Chloe is from Hudson Valley, New York, United States.

Who is Chleo Chambers mother?

Shannon Dooley Chambers is Chleo’s mother.

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