Sethward returned to AGT 2022, Here is What happened

Sethward returned to AGT 2022, Here is What happened?

A comedian is a strange sight on AGT. When it comes to a comedian who appears as a habit, that is something awkward.  Sethward is a talented comedian who could not make it to the finals in several AGT rounds. This article will explain Seth Allison’s biography, relationships, career, social media, and more things you want to know.

Sethward Biography

Sethward or Seth Allison is from Texas, and his family is a large one. He was born in 1989 and is 32 years old. We still don’t know about his birthday. He was raised in California, where his family had to move duty professional needs. Seth had many sisters, making the family a larger one, and Seth Allisonhad to decide his destiny.

What Seth Allison chose were the arts. He went to Pepperdine university and got a degree in Arts. As he had mentioned in an interview, Pepperdine was not just his university but the first working place where he managed media-related tasks. Seth is the world record holder for being rejected at AGT the most times and in the Gong Show too.  Painting, traveling, and dancing are his hobbies.

Sethward in AGT 2022
Sethward in AGT 2022

Family and relationship

The facts we know about Sethward and relationships are minimum. He is famous as a silent person and has appeared on reality shows alone. Once, he mentioned that his family was large, and we can assume that relationships in the family must be limited.

When having a look at his social media, we can see that he has lots of comical friends. Josh Patton is his best friend he has, and he has been with seth on several crucial occasions. The comedian’s best friend is an actor, and it seems that he is doing the content for Seth. In addition to that, he seems to have any girlfriend or any aromatic relationship.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

Sethward comedian has been on AGT for 03 seasons and has traveled into various rounds. The last time he had reached the semifinals as well. Comedian Seth did not say who he really was, and any judges did not know that it was Seth.

How many times has Sethward been on AGT?

Sethward was dressed like an apple that has legs and can speak. He took a warm start, and then he lost the grip. The audience started to reject him, which made two judges, Heidi and Howie, called off the act. It was Sofia to go next, and Simon hit the rejection on display.

Seth started to come out of his costume, and he appeared to be a worm. Then the audience got to see him, and all the shouts and the unpleasant noise just vanished. Not only the audience but the judges felt got frustrated to see Sethward on the stage along with an early call to go home.

There was a funny struggle between Terry and Seth in which terry removed the tail of Sethward. He did not have any clothes and ran around the stage. Terry and Simon went speechless, making the other ladies on the AGT judge panel embarrassed. He had left without even waiting to get comments, and his Apple costume and the tail were left on AGT. That was it. He had been eliminated from the AGT for the 4th consecutive time. 


Acting has been the only career for Sethward, and he is neither seeing anything beyond nor trying. It is vital to mention that the comedian has also improved every bit needed for acting. His talking style, pronunciation, dialogues, body language, and literally all of himself are set for being a comedian. He has been trying Youtubing as a career, and Seth Allison started his youtube channel in 2009. Along with constant Youtube video uploads, Seth is settled in his comedy career.

Sethward net worth

Sethward’s Net worth is $1.1M. Comedy career, Youtubing, and influencing have brought this income to him.

Sethward The Big Apple in America's Got Talent
Sethward The Big Apple in America’s Got Talent

Social media

Sethward is available on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. He has got 34.6K followers on Instagram, and he is frequently updating the account with the latest events. Seth has kept YouTube busy with his shows, performances, and acts. Along with shorts, he has been a famous person on YouTube. Seth is not popular on Instagram and Twitter much as he doesn’t have followers over 2000 on nether platforms.


Where is Sethward from?

Seth Allison is from Texas.

How old is comedian Sethward?

He is 32 years old.

What is Sethward’s real name?

Seth Allison is his real name.

Who is Sethward’s wife?

Seth is not married yet.

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