Meet France Magician Maxence Vire at AGT 2022 + Net worth

Meet France Magician Maxence Vire at AGT 2022 + Net worth

Having a talented magician on AGT is a threat to other contestants as the probability of reaching semis is higher for illusionists. When it comes to Maxence Vire, his Spain Golden buzzer incident must have already intensified the situation. This article will describe who is Maxence Vire, his relationships, career, social media, and more things you would like to know.

Maxence Vire Biography

The world-known magician Maxence Vire was born December 14, 1989, in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Maxence had to help his father while getting educated. Vire’s father was a Tibetan small hen rancher who made a small living. Although Vire had siblings in the family, the help he got from others was significantly less as he was the eldest. Despite his father’s intention to make him a hen rancher, the job of his family, Vire learned to do pocket magic.

The educational qualifications Vire has got are nothing. He started to perform not only at mixed drink parties, restaurants, and shops but in the streets and any place it is demanded. Maxence was affectionate to kids, and he has been performing for kids for more than 08 years. When he got older, his scope spread, and the professionalism went all over his acts.

The 32 years old illusionist has named himself “an entertainer is “a hoodlum, yet legitimate” in his bio. The poor boy now has become a husband along with his magic career. He has a daughter, and we still don’t know her much. The family is living in France currently.

Maxence Vire in America's Got Talent
Maxence Vire in America’s Got Talent

Family and relationship

We nothing about his parents and siblings as Vire has never mentioned them. He had not had a girlfriend in the transitional phase when he was performing as a street magician. The only relationship Vire has got is with his wife, Chloe Gemma. They have been married since 2018 and have a daughter whose name we still don’t know.

When coming to his illusionist career, he is not even using a partner, which makes him a limited person in relationships.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

Magician Maxence Vire got on to AGT stage as a credited contestant who got the golden buzzer on the GT Spain version. No one knew that as well. Vire stated that his hands are tricky and his brain is a bomb. What Vire promised to show was a prediction, appearance, and an impossible task.

He did minor illusions involving numbers, objects, and the audience’s curiosity. Like the other magicians who appeared on the AGT stage, Vire walked here and there, and it was an active performance. More importantly, Maxence made diaper things, brought things, and did what a magician would do. It was visible that he could be hilarious too.

The final act was regarding magic that involved mind reading, and it was superb too. Sofia, Howie, and Heidi appreciated the magician’s work, and Simon saw it as an annoying act. But Simon gave it a yes as well. Maxence was sent into the next round, but no gold buzzer was provided this time.


Magic acts are what Vire has been doing since a child. His ability to perform embracing magic tricks with limited resources is what has made him so special. Along with Youtube-like platforms, his official website, and influencing opportunities, Vire has made a perfect professional magician.

Maxence Vire net worth

AGT Maxence Vire’s net worth is between $350,000 and $500,000. Vire’s income is coming mainly due to his magic performances. He performs on live shows, parties, and stages, and that is his main income.

When it comes to his online income sources, they are due to influencing and sponsoring. Since Vire has not received any victory from reality shows, his net worth is a bit low. He doesn’t have a YouTube channel which could have increased his net worth more than it appears now.

Social media

Maxence Vire is on Facebook and Instagram. The magician has 11.4k followers on Instagram. He is occasionally posting regarding the events he takes part in. Lifestyle, hobbies, personal life, and family photos are not posted on Instagram.

Although Vire has 1.2k followers on Facebook, he is not active.  Although Vire has a YouTube channel of his own, he has not grown it much. There are less than 1000 subscribers for that channel yet.


Where is magician Maxence Vire from?

Maxence Vire is from Paris, France. He is living with his family now.

What is Maxence Vire net worth?

His net worth is between $350,000 and $500,000.

Who is AGT Maxence Vire’s wife?

His wife’s name is Chloe Gemma.

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