Meet Oxford High School Shooting Survivor Ava Swiss at AGT 2022

Meet Oxford High School Shooting Survivor Ava Swiss at AGT 2022

It is a rare incident to have someone special who has an extraordinary story to tell. Ava Swiss is such a person as she is a survivor of the Oxford High Scholl shooting incident. She proved that the story she had to tell was not the only thing to show to the entire world. This article will explain her performance on AGT, career, social media, and more you would like to know.

Ava Swiss Biography

Ava Swiss or Ava Swieczkowski is from Michigan, USA. She was born in 2004, and we still don’t know when her birthday is. She is 18 years old and the second in a family of 03 children. Her surname suggests that she has deep roots in Europe as well. The highlighted thing to include in her biography is her recent experience occurred at Oxford High School in Michigan.

Ava was a part of the shooting incident as she and her brother were at the school at that particular moment. According to reports, she is among the injured and has been lucky enough to be alive. After the incident, Ava had gone to school just once, and she and her brother are getting treatments for their mental and physical injuries.

Meet Oxford High School Shooting Survivor Ava Swiss at AGT 2022

Family and relationship

Ava’s family is the only relationship she has got. Ava’s mother had accompanied her into AGT, and Ava had added a photo admiring her effort as a parent. We don’t know their names yet. Her brother is close to her, and both siblings’ relationship has improved after the shootout incident. Ava has got an elder sister we can identify as Jessica Bupp Allen.

Ava, however, is not dating someone as Ava is just 18 years old. When considering Ava’s social media accounts, we can see that she has lots of friends. Her Instagram account’s comment section is filled with appreciation and wishes for winning the round, and teachers and students are there.

“She is a good personality and has lots of positive relationships,” that is what those aspects suggest. It seems she is too young to be a girlfriend and will take some time to make one due to her recent experience. 

Singer Ava Swiss and her mother in America's Got Talent
Singer Ava Swiss and her mother in America’s Got Talent

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

It is not an exaggeration to mention that Ava got the sympathy of the judging panel. She got emotional when stating that she was singing Lauren Daigle’s song “Remember.” Although she did not say or the judges did not ask, Ava and her friends at Oxford lost 04 of them. That is why she had wanted to sing the “Remember” especially.

“In the darkest hour, when I cannot breathe.

 Fear is on my chest, the world’s weight on me.”

Ava reached the high pitches and the hundreds of places that needed a veteran concentration to handle. She kept singing the song, and no one seemed distracted. Judges were impressed, and the audience also gave massive notice to her.

The judges went speechless, and “wow and excellent” like phrases were only managed to say first. “You are somebody I am so happy to have met. With this show, we meet the most extraordinary people every year, and now we’ve met you.” Said Simon Cowell.

As we can see, she is safely into the next round and is one of the highly expected winners in the final. According to comments that came out on social media, that is the best way to treat the sympathy she got from the judges and the entire audience.

What happened at America’s Got Talent semi-finals?

In the AGT semi-finals on Tuesday Ava sang “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” by P!NK and was able to impress the AGT judges and audians. Will update what happens in the semi-finals soon.


It is visible that Ava is too young to create her career as she is 18 and still a student at Oxford High school. As her Instagram description suggests, Aspiring singing, songwriting,  and Tik Tok influencing will be her career features Ava. 

Ava Swiss net worth

Ava Swiss’s Net worth is around $500, and her singing has brought this to her. She is too young to be a millionaire as she has not come far in music. Although she is on YouTube, there is just one video that has got 1.8k views. Also, it is not enough to have an income either.

Social media

Ava is available on YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. She has 8k likes on her Tiktok account where she posts her singing videos. Instagram is her second best social media platform, which has granted 2,702 followers to the 35 posts she has uploaded. Her Youtube account has got just 16 subscribers and gets less than 2k total views.


Where is singer Ava Swiss from?

She is from Michigan, USA.

How old is Ava Swiss AGT?

Ava Swiss is 18 years old.

What is Ava Swiss’s real name?

Ava Swieczkowski is the real name of Ava Swiss.

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