Where is Nathan Burton now? Net worth, relationships, and more about the AGT star

Remember the guy who disappeared from a giant microwave on America’s Got Talent (AGT) first season?

The first ever magician to be telecasted on AGT?

That was more than just a wacky audition; it was the launchpad for Nathan Burton’s dazzling Las Vegas magic career! But where is this seasoned illusionist now? Is he still making sparks fly (literally and figuratively)? Is he living the high life in Sin City? So, ditch the microwave illusions and swoop into the real deal!

Read on to unlock the secrets behind the man who dared to defy physics (and Howie Mandel’s nerves) on national television back in 2006. You won’t be disappointed!

Biography & Early Life

From Kindergarten Fumbles to AGT Frenzy: The Spellbinding Saga of Nathan Burton

Nathan Burton’s magical journey began in Oakland under the California sun, not with a flourish, but with a four-year-old’s fumbled trick in kindergarten. Yet, that stumble ignited a spark. Soon enough, scarves weren’t vanishing just in grandma’s living room; teenage Nathan was collecting trophies like candy, leaving seasoned magicians speechless.

By his teens, he captivated national audiences with his comedic magic on NBC, blurring the lines between laughter and sorcery. Remember the vanishing elephant in South Korea at Hotel Lotte? That was just one of his feats, pushing the boundaries of imagination.

From Vegas stages to European tours, Nathan’s career became a whirlwind. He wowed crowds with death-defying escapes, hilarious routines, and mind-bending illusions. The “locked-in-a-box-with-showgirls” stunt anyone?

Finally, in 2006, “Nathan Burton Comedy Magic” premiered, solidifying his Vegas legend. This wasn’t just a show; it was a testament to his passion and talent, showcasing grand illusions, side-splitting jokes, and street magic for a captivated audience. He was already a star before he auditioned for America’s Got Talent.

What happened to Nathan Burton in AGT?

Season 01 Audition

Nathan Burton stormed onto America’s Got Talent stage with nothing but a burning desire for magic and a microwave of…questionable ethics. In Episode 101, this audacious magician pulled off three jaw-dropping tricks, starting with conjuring a bowling ball out of a paper book thinner than a fortune cookie. Next, Nathan willingly stepped into the “microwave of death,” emerging…brown? Yep, he inexplicably changed skin tones before vanishing back into the appliance, returning to his regular self like nothing happened.

While Piers Morgan wasn’t exactly spellbound, hitting his buzzer like a grumpy grandpa at a rock concert, Brandy Norwood and David Hasselhoff saw the magic. Their “Yesses” propelled Nathan to the semifinals, proving that even the most bizarre acts can win hearts (and votes). So, the next time you’re feeling sceptical about a microwave-based illusion, remember Nathan Burton – the magician who dared to be different, confuse the judges, and bowl his way into AGT history (literally).

Season 01 – Semi-Finals

In Week 3 of the semifinals, he upped the ante with an illusion so mind-bending, it left jaws on the floor faster than you can say “David Hasselhoff’s tan.”

Picture this: four empty chairs inside a crystal-clear box. Suddenly, poof! Four women materialize out of thin air, like human confetti raining down on the stage. Not enough magic for you? Nathan then willingly gets rolled up tighter than a burrito in the newspaper, only to explode out of a cannon like a human firework, landing magically behind the judges.

This time, even the ever-grumpy Piers Morgan was left speechless, giving Nathan a rare “✓” vote. Brandy and Hasselhoff followed suit, clearly impressed by the audacity and artistry of the illusion. But despite the judges’ love, America’s vote had the final say. In a nail-biting finish, Nathan landed in second place, narrowly missing the top spot and getting eliminated in Episode 109. Bianca Ryan might have taken the crown that season, but Nathan Burton stole the show with his unique brand of magic.

Season 01 – Wild Card

Even though he finished second in Week 2’s vote, the people demanded more, and Nathan was brought back for the Wild Card Show in Episode 112.

This time, he traded the “microwave of death” for a touch of winter wonderland. Nathan takes a puny, folded napkin and, with a flick of the wrist, transforms it into a pile of fluffy snow. But wait, there’s more! Out of thin air, a full-blown snowmobile materializes, ready to whisk him away on a magical journey. Talk about a snow-tastic upgrade!

The judges were left speechless, showering Nathan with “✓” votes. But just like before, America held the ultimate power. Despite the judges’ love, Nathan once again landed in second place, falling short of the top spot and getting eliminated in Episode 113. Quick Change duo David & Dania might have stolen the show that night, but Nathan Burton left his mark as the wild card who brought both chills and thrills to the AGT stage.

Season 04 – Audition

Nathan Burton stormed back onto the AGT stage in Season 4, ready to leave the judges (and viewers) spellbound once more.

Our charismatic magician works his magic, and poof! A girl seated on the stage next to Nathan vanishes like a dropped ice cube on a hot summer day and seconds later, she reappears, not where you’d expect, but magically transported to a higher platform!

This time, Piers Morgan couldn’t resist the magic, joining Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff in giving Nathan a resounding “Yes!”.

Sadly this is where the AGT ends as a competition for Burton, as he was one of the 25 acts eliminated in the first Vegas Round cuts in Episode 411, at the Las Vegas Airport.

Season 07 – Guest Performance

Nathan Burton was also a guest performer in Season 7 in Episode 729 of America’s Got Talent.

Where is Nathan Burton now? & what happened to him after AGT?

Since his AGT stint, Nathan’s magic has graced countless shows, from TLC’s “Miami Ink” to the iconic “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.” He’s wowed Miss USA contestants, graced NBA Allstar finals with his tricks, and even endured a week locked in a box with showgirls (because why not?). It’s safe to say, that his career is more exciting than a Vegas buffet (and hopefully less messy).

But the real magic? It’s happening right now in Las Vegas. For 17 years, Nathan’s “Comedy Magic” show has been captivating audiences on the Strip. It’s one of the few family-run shows in town, a testament to his passion and dedication. Forget robots and high-tech gimmicks, Nathan’s magic is about wonder, laughter, and that special feeling you get when the impossible becomes possible.

So, if you’re ever in Sin City and hear the roar of laughter mixed with gasps of amazement, remember the name Nathan Burton. He’s not just an AGT alum; he’s a Las Vegas legend, proving that a little bit of magic can go a long way, from a kindergarten fumble to a stage filled with wonder. And who knows, maybe his next illusion will involve making the entire Bellagio disappear (don’t worry, he’ll bring it back, we promise!).



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