Meet Cyndel Flores who shocks AGT Extreme Judges and Travis Pastrana's Golden Buzzer winner

Meet Cyndel Flores who shocks AGT Extreme Judges and Travis Pastrana’s Golden Buzzer winner

Cyndel Flores is an American sway pole artist. As you already know, she is very famous for her risky stunt performance. She did a fantastic performance in the spin stage of America’s Got Talent show. If you have watched that, you might already know how talented she is.

Cyndel Flores Biography

Cyndel Flores was born in 1998. She is currently 23. She is from Sarasota, Florida, USA. Cyndee is 5 feet 6 inches in height and weight around 55kg. Her blue eyes and dark brown hair attract everyone’s attention. She is a Christian. She loves dancing, traveling, and cycling as her hobbies. Her father’s name is Ricardo Flores, and her mother’s name is Arcelia Flores. Her brother’s name is Volorian Flores. Both the parents were daredevils. Her mom was one of the first females who performed this sway pole act.


Since her childhood, Cyndel Flores has been watching her mother. Her mother has been her superhero ever since she opened her eyes. She was keen to perform the sway pole act just like her mother. When her mother performed this act Cyndel was watching this behind the screen. One day her mother asked Cyndel whether she liked to accomplish this. Cyndel immediately said yes and said that she was waiting to be asked by her mother. By the age of 17, Cyndel decided to be a Sway polo artist, an old act. Cyndel said that her first try was the scariest. But nothing stood in the way to becoming a sway pole artist.

Family and Relations

She is giving her full time to the carrier with her family. At the moment, Cyndel is single. Her father is Ricardo Flores, and her mom is Arcelia Flores. Her only close blood relation is her brother Volorian Flores.

Cyndel Flores at AGT Extreme 2022
Cyndel Flores at AGT Extreme 2022

What happened at AGT?

Cyndel Flores did a fantastic performance in the spin stage of America’s got Talent show. It was precarious. The pole was very wet and super slippery due to the continuous rain for around 8 hours. The stick-on which the performance is to be done had a height of 60 feet. This is a unique and most important moment for Cyndel Flores because her mother was present there to watch her daughter’s performance.

The Judging panel consisted of Simon Cowell, Nikki Bella, and Travis Pastrana. In the beginning,

38 years old former motocross champion Travis Pastrana was shocked and nervous about the act that Cyndel was about to perform. Simon asked the motive behind this risky act. “I need this big amount of money to give my mother a happy life. My dream is to bring back this legacy act and take this forward by adding some thrilling acts to it,” said Cyndel Flores.

Then she started to do some dangerous aerobatic acts, which made the audience and the judges nervous. The pole swung down with Cyndel to the ground gasped once the performance was over.

Ever since you got to that height on the pole, I was nervous. It has been a long time since I felt very nervous throughout the performance. When the pole swung to the ground from 60 feet height, it took my breath. I loved how you balanced yourself during the performance,” said the former motocross champion, Travis Pastrana.

“You gave me every emotion. I was nervous. I was thrilled. I was afraid. I have never seen a performance like this before. You are fearless. I am impressed by your performance,” said the wrestling star Nikki Bella.

Surprisingly without caring about the opinion of Simon, Travis hit the Golden Buzzer. This made Cyndel Flores, as well as the audience, shocked and happy. Later Simon said that he would have hit the Golden Buzzer even for climbing 60 feet height during this wet condition.

Travis joined Cyndel and her mother for a group hug. Cyndel stated that all she wanted was to carry her mother’s legacy.
Golden Buzzer: Cyndel Flores Shocks Travis Pastrana with a Mind-Blowing Audition | AGT: Extreme 2022

Why did she remove her eyeglasses?

Cyndel Flores removed her eyeglass before the performance. She said that if she wears the glasses, she might see everything on the ground, which will make her terrified of falling. And also, doesn’t want to know the height. She only wants to concentrate on her acts without focusing on the ground. After removing her glasses, she climbed up to the very edge of the pole.

Social media

If you are a fan of Cyndel Flores, you can follow her on her Instagram account @thedaredevildiva. There she posts her lifestyle.

Cyndel Flores Net Worth

Cyndel’s net worth is approximately 40k dollars without calculating all her income. We will notify you of further details shortly.

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