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Everything about Stand-up Comedian Mr. Pants at AGT 2022?

If pissing off Simon Cowell is art, then it is Mr. Pants is the artist who did that exactly. Not so many people have been able to do that initially. But, when it comes to Mr Pants, he Is the latest and the best person, according to the AGT fans so far, to do that. Although he seemed to be leaving soon, it did not happen. This article will explain AGT comedian 2022 Mr. Pants’ biography, his family and relationships, what happened at AGT, his social media, his career, if he is qualified for the next round, and a few FAQs.

Mr. Pants biography

AGT Mr. Pants is referred to as a male comedian who came to AGT with a Pant as his dress. Mr. Pants’ real name is Ryan Dee, a professional comedian who has done similar work before. Mr Pants AGT, aka Ryan, was born in Brooklyn, and it is where he has studied. He has not revealed personal biography facts, such as his birthday and his parents. He is a man in his early thirties. It seems Ryan likes to keep his privacy as he did not reveal his real name to Simon on the AGT stage either.

Family and relationship

The family life, as well as Ryan’s, has not been reviled by him. Although he has been on Social media and the internet for a few years, he has not introduced his girlfriends or wife. When looking at his special media profiles, we can assume that Dee is enjoying his life walking, riding, and driving.

Although he posts random images with boys and girls, he seems to be single all the time. Since Ryan has not mentioned brothers and sisters anywhere, it can be assumed that he is all alone.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

After Mr. Pants got onto the stage, it was Cowell who started to ask questions. However, Mr Pants did not respond truthfully but with his comedy style. That is what made Simon pissed. The comedy style used to perform on the AGT stage was the talking. He talked about his career, being a pant, and problems he had happened to face.

Everyone seemed happy, and the credit was Mr Pants’. Although Simon was a bit frustrated with the performance, he also joined those enjoying Mr. Pants’s show. Mr Pants must be in the next round. 

Did Mr. Pants make it to the next round?

Yes, after a very good piece of comedy talk, Mr Pants, aka Ryan Dee, was sent into the next round. Although he made Simon a bit furious by not answering the questions he asked, Simon was also one of his fans.

What happened to Mr. pants in the AGT semi-finals?

On Tuesday night life semi-finals Mr. Pants make fun of his son, dog, and friends. Simon Cowell buzzed while Mr. pants act but he was able to impress the audience. I think you really upped your game today, “I think America is going to love and he’s going to vote for you” said Sofia Vergara. Howie Mandel added, ” I love dad jokes, I think people are going to remember you”.


Mr. Pants’s career has always been about being a comedian. He is a multitalented person who has got skills in music, drama, acting, making others laugh, and doing adventurous stuff. Ryan started his Mr Pants role in 2018, and he has made others laugh similarly from this suit. The Shoebox Theatre is one of those places where he showcased his comedian talents to people. He spent a lot of time in there making people laugh.

When considering Dee’s other activities, he is engaged in lots of activities riding the bicycle around the city, engaging in physical humor, and making people laugh with the words he speaks. Ryan has been active in the comedy field for more than a decade. Swindon’s Railway Village is among the most favorite places of Ryan, and it is where he spent his time learning lots of comedian skills.

Another thing associated with the Mr Pants or Ryan is his criticism. He has criticized lots of things, as he can see. The “whimsical” sculpture, “Fearless Girl” monument by Kristen Visbal, and there are several more social media influences that Ryan took into his attention. He has criticized those places for making them popular without any real value. Although he has not met up with the acceleration needed as a comedian, he will make it to the next level soon.

Comedian Mr. Pants at Amerca's Got Talent
Comedian Mr. Pants at Amerca’s Got Talent

Mr. Pants net worth

Mr. Pants’ net worth is between $50,000 and $100,000. His comedy roles, personal job, and social media influence have brought that income to him. If he goes into the finals and wins the AGT title this year, he will have a bigger net worth to show.

Social media

Ryan Dee is on Social media. His most preferred social media platform is Instagram. Mr. Pants Instagram account is used to post his upcoming events, Mr Pants featured events, and comedian work. He has got just 592 followers on the Mr Pants Instagram account.

It had not got followers that much, and his latest appearance on the AGT stage increased the number of followers. His personal Instagram account has 912 followers, and he has uploaded 59 posts onto that account. He is neither available on Facebook nor YouTube.


How old is Mr. Pants?

Ryan Dee did not reveal his age at the AGT as he refused to provide real answers to Simon Cowell. But, he is a young land in his early thirties.

Where are Mr. Pants from?

Mr. Pants is from Brooklyn, New York.

What is Mr Pants’ real name from AGT 2022?

Mr. Pants’ real name is Ryan Dee.

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