Meet Lip-sync performer Emily Bland who confused the judges

Meet Lip-sync performer Emily Bland who confused the judges

The funniest lady came into the AGT’s stage to do something else than anyone thought. The AGT Judges confuse to vote after the audition as they blanked. By creating the history, the executive producer of AGT Simon Cowell voted a Question Mark rather than voting a yes or no. Here are discuss Emily bland’s biography, family, relationships, career, and net worth.

Emily Bland biography

Emily’s full name is Emily Bland. She is from Northeast, Arkansas. Bland is 29 years of age. She went to Piggott High School. AGT Emily’s hair color is white. She is an Ameican. Her religion is Christianity. She works in a hotel as a front desk Clark. She likes to follow Garth Brooks’s singing style.

AGT Emily is a former Floater/ Sub at BRAD Child Development Programs. Later she worked at Car-Hop at Sonic Drive-In. She is a funny and comedian-type character. Emily has a unique talent that she can lip-sync with anyone as they talk, miming along.

Emily Bland in America's Got Talent
Emily Bland in America’s Got Talent

Family and relationship

Her mother’s name is Karen L Anderson Bageant. Karen is a former Military officer in U.S. Marine Corps. She is also a Senior Deputy Court Clerk at City Courts and former Legal Secretory at David Copelin, Attorney. Now, Emily’s mother works as an Independent Distributor at Stampin’ Up. Karen currently lives in Piggott, Arkansas.

AGT Emily’s sister has a sister called Chelsea Bageant. Chelsea is already in a relationship with Autin Keith. Emily’s sister works as an Assistant manager at Great Clips in Clarksville, Tennessee.

AGT Emily is married to Josh Bland. She got married on 4th May 2021. Josh is the person who assists Emily on the AGT audition. He went to Winona R-III High School.

Emily Bland and her husband Josh Bland
Emily Bland and her husband Josh Bland

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

As AGT Emily Bland took to the stage, she introduced herself, who works at a hotel. Simon suddenly asked, “Who is the worst guest you have ever had” and she says, “I don’t want to throw my mom into the bus and her name is Keron” she replied like a stand-up comedian.

Before going to start her audition she revealed herself as a singer. But that’s not true. All the judges got confused after Emily’s audition. “ What to say, I do not even know how to judge this thing” Sofia declares her thoughts about Bland’s audition.

Finally, Howie said that she is a lip-syncing performer than anyone and he voted first yes. Then she earned consecutive yes votes from Heidi and Sofia. But Simon for the very first time gives his vote as a question mark. However, AGT Emily advanced to the next round with three yes votes.


Emily Bland AGT has worked in several companies as her day job. Now she is working as a front Clark in a Hotel. Emily is a Lip-Sync performer and she has developed much. Actually, she has the ability to lip-sync with anyone as they talk and mime along. .

AGT Emily Bland has already created some audience to define her path as a lip-sync performer and make her own fan base.

Social Media

Her performance on AGT is getting viral on YouTube. It has passed 428K views within 11 hours. Emily’s audition posts on America’s Got Talent’s official page and received over 1.7 million views right now. It has already 2.7K shares.

She has her own Facebook account and already shared her audition on AGT. Bland used her Facebook account to do promotions of their debut performance on AGT. You can see their wedding photograph on Josh Bland’s Facebook account.

Emily is maintaining an Instagram account, but not with her real name. AGT has posted her audition on Instagram and it has over 3.3K likes.

Emily Bland’s Net Worth

There is no exact figure for her net worth. She has a fixed income through her job in the Hotel. She may have a considerable net worth as she worked in different companies for the last 10 years. Now, she has the chance to turn her talent into creating some financial opportunities from it.   


There is nothing much about AGT Emily’s Career and net worth. No information about her father. But most of Emily Bland AGT’s family and relationship facts are here in this article. She has a little number of followers on social media. Even, Emily’s family, especially her mom does not know about her talent until her audition comes out. But surely, the lip sync performer will earn a loyal following very soon.


How old is Emily Bland AGT?

Emily Bland is 29 years of age.

Where is AGT Emily Bland from?

AGT Emily Bland is from Northeast, Piggott, Arkansas.

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