Meet 88-Year-Old Dancer Penny Starr Sr. who had six husband

Meet 88-Year-Old Dancer Penny Starr Sr. who had six husband

The 88 years old lady has no intention of giving up her high heels anytime soon. Penny Starr Sr. shows off her skills as an exotic dancer to the tune of “You are a Grand Old Flag” on Tuesday, 2nd of August 2022. Her dancing performance shocked all the judges and audience as she proved that age is just a number. Here are some interesting facts about AGT dancer Penny Starr Sr.’s biography, family, relationships, career, and net worth.

Penny Starr Sr. biography

Penny’s stage name or nickname is Penny Starr Sr. Her real name is Janet Roberts. She is also called Penny Roberts. Roberts is a 88 years old dedicated woman. Penny Starr AGT is from Palm Bay, Florida, United States. She is an American. Her ethnicity is white.

Penny is a burlesque dancer. Starr’s birthplace is Janet Gaynor Colby in Allentown. She went to Allentown High School and graduated in 1951. Robert’s stage name was inspired by her mother. Her mother loved the movies “Pennies from Heaven” and “A Star is Born.” Penny Star AGT was a show businessman and became a burlesque queen.

Penny Starr Sr. in America's Got Talent
Penny Starr Sr. in America’s Got Talent

Family and relationship

Penny is single and she is a widow now. She had six husbands and they all died. Her last husband’s name is Aaron, and he has been with her for 27 years. She reveals that even in the age of late eighties, she is able to think about a new relationship.

Her granddaughter’s name is Augusta Avallone. Augusta is a costume designer and burlesque dancer who won many awards. She followed Robert’s path and goes by the name Penny Starr Jr.

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

When Simon asks to introduce herself, Penny says, “ I’m an American and I love it and I’m 88 years old.” She had a little fun out there with the judges before starting her audition. Then burlesque dancer Penny performed for the song “Grand Old Flag.”

She surprised all by removing her dress in the front while dancing like an old queen. “Penny, I want to be you when I grow up!” Sofia shouts after Penny’s fun, dazzling performance. “I want to see more” Howie Mandel declares his thoughts on Penny. It feels like the 88-year-old lady earned four yes votes after her audition.


Penny Starr Sr. got the graduation in 1951. Then she joined the Christian Bros Circus in 1957. At the initial time, she wanted to be a trapeze artist. But she ended up as a dancer. Later, she joined a burlesque club called Guys and Dolls as a dancer.

Penny went on to become Miss Bump-and-Grind of 1963 at the Cotton Club in Atlantic City. AGT dancer Penny Starr Sr. was inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2012. She has achieved many pageant victories.

Social Media

According to her Facebook bio, Penny is a “Living Legend of Burlesque” who “still lights up the stage at 88.” America’s Got Talent official page has uploaded her audition and it has amassed more than 662K views right now with  278 shares.

She has two Facebook accounts one with a stage name and the other with a real name. AGT Penny has 1252 followers on Facebook. She has earned 1239 likes for her posts. She used her Facebook account to promote her upcoming concerts and shows.

America’s Got Talent dropped her audition on their official Twitter. It has over 8185 views. AGT penny’audition has earned a massive crowd of 351K views within a single day. Penny Robert’s email address is [email protected].

Penny Starr’s Net Worth

There is no exact figure for her net worth. She may earn a considerable amount of money by performing as a burlesque dancer for over 60 years and she still performs in dancing shows and concerts. “ I will work as long as they need me and can pay for me” she has revealed her thoughts in an interview.


There is nothing much about AGT Penny Starr’s family and net worth. No information about her parents. Nothing much about her 6 husbands. But most of Penny AGT’s social media facts and career facts are here in this article. She has a little number of followers on social media. AGT dancer Penny is the oldest contestant who came to the AGT in season 17. Her determination to perform even at the age of late eighties is highly appreciated.  


How old is Penny Starr AGT?

Penny Star AGT is 88 years of age.

Where is AGT Penny Starr from?

AGT Penny Starr is from Palm Bay, Florida, United States.

How many husbands did Penny Starr Sr. have?

Penny Starr Sr. has 6 husbands and all have died.

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