Meet MPLUSPLUS Dance Group from Japan at AGT 2022

Meet MPLUSPLUS Dance Group from Japan at AGT 2022

MPLUSPLUS astonishes the judges and viewers with their spectacular dance and light choreography in the fifth episode of America’s Got Talent Season 17. This dance group from Tokyo is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. In all likelihood, they will do better in the upcoming 17th season of America’s Got Talent on NBC. Watching MPLUSPLUS on reality TV? Here’s what you need to know before diving in.

MPLUSPLUS (M++) dance group in America's Got Talent
MPLUSPLUS (M++) dance group in America’s Got Talent


The group’s official website says that MPLUSPLUS is a crew of creatives here to change how people think about entertainment.  The dance group MPLUSPLUS (M++) competed in Season 17 of America’s Got Talent and did not choose its name carelessly. The letter “M,” which stands for “make,” was chosen. They next settled on the programming notation “++,” which stands for “innovation.” The dance team is known worldwide for its ability to invent and innovate to impress its fans. As with every logo, the company represents more than just a simple graphic.

According to the M++ website, “the left side resembles the circuit symbol of electrical resistance, and the right side resembles the circuit symbol of direct current.” Per the company’s founders, “the meaning behind our logo expresses our idea and goals resisting modern society and transcending common-sense,’ and ‘constantly innovating culture.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

As they prepared to hit the stage, MPLUSPLUS claimed their led ribbon act had never been performed before. After 12 years of development, the team of engineers and performers was ready to unveil their creation to the public.

The judges were blown away by MPLUSPLUS’s fascinating light show. Despite the group’s best efforts, Simon Cowell was the first to comment that their performance was “very original.” Heidi and Howie agreed with Sofia that she seemed to be “in a trance” as she left. Four of the judges expressed their approval, moving the group forward.

What happened to MPUSPLUS in the AGT 2022 semi-finals?

MPLUSPLUs wows the judges and audience with their amazing dance with lights. It is like a like light show and they perform to “Higher Power” by Coldplay.

I’m gonna be totally honest with you this did blow me away, it’s just come on its just programmed LED lights, you can buy this on the pier in Santa Monica. You can buy this, I don’t really understand what the 12 years of work was.” said Howie Mandel.

Terry Crews asked Heidi Klum about Howie’s comment. Heidi Klum agreed with Howie Mandel. But Simon Cowell has a different thought about MPLUSPLUS performance.

“I completely and utterly disagree with them, Isn’t that a Vagas act? ” Said, Simon Cowell. Sofia Vergara added ” I really like this performance even more than the audition was a little soothing it felt more like an opening ceremony for the Olympics this was more a show, more of a show”

They were unable to get sufficient public votes and were eliminated from the semi-finals.

MPLUSPLUS Dance Group Members

CEO/Lighting Choreographer: Minoru Fujimoto

To develop a new kind of performance centered on the performer’s unique perspective and life story, he established MPLUSPLUS Co., Ltd. His role as “Lighting Choreographer” for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games opening ceremony is still vivid in everyone’s mind. A new stage of his media artist career will begin in 2021 in addition to his work as a director and developer.

MPlusPlus founder and CEO Minoru Fujimoto
MPlusPlus founder and CEO Minoru Fujimoto

CFO/Coordinator: Makiko Nakata

Degree from Saga Art College and Sagagawa Women’s University, where she studied 3D modeling. After stints in the video industry, the art gallery world, and the publishing industry, he struck out on his own as a planner and editor, launching his own business. While working as the secretariat of the NPO Wearable Computer Research and Development Organization in 2006, he crossed paths with Fujimoto, then a fourth-year student at Kobe University’s Tsukamoto Laboratory, in 2007. He has collaborated with. Collaboration with Fujimoto began in 2013 and is ongoing.

CTO/ Hardware Designer: Yutaka Yanagisawa

Awarded doctorate from Osaka University’s Graduate School of Engineering, where He worked in the Nishio Laboratory. Doctorate in Engineering earned in March 1998. He has been employed with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation’s Basic Research Institute since the same year. Worked for NTT West Corporation’s Service Creation Department from 2009 to 2010 and then for the company’s Communication Science Research Institute beginning in 2010.

Programmer/ Chief Interaction Designer: Toshiki Yoshiike

Kushiyama/Baba Laboratory, Graduate School of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University, where he earned his degree (March 2014)

While in graduate school, he designed a screen to increase interaction between the spectator and the film.

He was the first full-time employee of MPLUSPLUS and was responsible for software development, light production, and varied interaction design; and was engaged as a programmer and chief interaction designer after completing his education and working for an advertising firm.

Composer/Digital Artist: Tatsuhiko Suzuki

Kushiyama/Baba Laboratory, Graduate School of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University, where he earned his degree (March 2013).

In addition, he directed and composed the music for the crowdfunding video and the sales video of the “Orphe” smart footwear.

Producing both videos and music since joining MPLUSPLUS in January of 2017.

Costume Technologist/Interaction Designer: Ryo Izuta

Graduated from Kobe University’s Graduate School of Engineering’s Tsukamoto/Terada Laboratory (March 2020).

Wearable interfaces focusing on the actual world are the subject of ongoing lab research, including studying behavior recognition technologies. Public relations and workshop layout for labs and other sponsored events. When he was a first-year Ph.D. student, he began his own production at Hoshigaoka Dressmaking School in addition to his studies.

Software Engineer/Interaction Designer: Keisuke Ono

Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Graduate School of System Design, Baba Laboratory (March 2018).

He pursued a master’s degree in the subjects of wearable computing and interactive art since he was interested in these areas. Took part in laboratory studies of textile interfaces and wearable computing: introduced TEXTILE ++, a cloth-like touch panel constructed entirely of textiles.

Office Manager: Aya Kato

She went from Aichi to Tokyo and joined MPLUSPLUS because she wanted to use her prior knowledge in a new setting after working in a general affairs office for 9 years back in her hometown. Mainly concerned with administrative and financial tasks.

Pianist/Computer Music Researcher: Ryota Matsui

Graduated from the Doctoral Program in Systems and Information Sciences at Future University-Takekawa Hakodate’s Laboratory. Doctorate in System Information Science awarded in March 2022. President’s Award (Future University Award) given upon graduation. Participating in studies and experiments using information and communication technologies (ICT) in piano education, such as developing a remote piano lesson assistance system (Tel-Gerich) and predicting a student’s level of piano playing ability.

He is a researcher at MPLUS PLUS, working to develop a presentational psycho-informatics-based interaction platform.

Smart Clothing Engineer/Interaction Designer: Kentaro Ueda

Completed doctoral studies in engineering at Kobe University’s Tsukamoto/Terada Laboratory between March 2015 and March 2020.

He worked with Fujimoto on the 2011 EXILE tour’s LED shoes, having met him in the lab during their fourth year of college. As a result, it has persisted up to the present day.

In the laboratory, he directs a wearable fashion show that proposes styles utilizing HMD. It’s safe to say he’s dressed for nearly any outfit a fashion show model could wear.

Mechanical Engineer: Yukako Takeuchi

Graduate of Kobe University’s Functional Robotics Laboratory (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering) (March 2020).

As an undergrad, he was in charge of mechanical design and production and was a member of the Robot Study Group. He also took part in a rescue robot competition.

Lab work on enhancing the precision of orbit control using the remote control of a hydraulically propelled robot. Once upon a time, he used a joystick to control a modified hydraulic excavator.

Working at MPLUSPLUS, he split his time between being a robot and doing human things for the robot. Aside from individuals, he is also fascinated by machines and other systems.


  • CEO/Director/Dancer: Yuji Shirasu
  • Set Designer: Nana Fumiki
  • Producer/Coordinator: Hinano Hasegawa
  • Assistant Director/Film Editor: Kohey Ono


After developing technology that would allow him to dance more freely, Minoru Fujimoto launched the company MPLUSPLUS. He attended Kobe University and earned a doctorate in engineering.

To “create a new genre of performance based on his own experience and the perspective of the performer,” according to the Minoru Fujimoto website, “he formed MPLUSPLUS Co., Ltd., a collective of Technology & Creators.” As quoted from the press release, “His participation in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games as a ‘Lighting Choreographer’ is still vivid in the minds of people around the world.”

MPLUSPLUS have many LED props, like the LED ribbons they used on America’s Got Talent Season 17. This LED vision flag has 4600 individual LEDs evenly distributed over both faces. As the flag flies in the wind, the image moves across it, expressing different shapes, colors, and symbols. MPLUSPLUS uses LED vision flags, ribbons, suitcases, poles, umbrellas, and a box/book for their live performances.

MPLUSPLUS net worth

Yet, they have not disclosed any information regarding their wealth. However, we will update this section as soon as they disclose their riches.

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Where is the MPLUSPLUS dance group from?

The dance group MPLUSPLUS is based in Tokyo.

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