Meet Joogsquad, who impress Judges at AGT Extreme 2022

Meet Joogsquad, who impress Judges at AGT Extreme 2022

Joogsquad is an American skim boarder and surfer team organized and managed by Jack Tenney. Jack has been active on social media for the last few years. Along with the fame he gained in AGT, Joogsquad has been able to be a viral character on social media as well.

Joogsquad Team

The Joogsquad team is made of three members, Edwin, Scummy, and Jack. They all have been parts of various challenges, including the AGT. They are currently engaged in producing various Vlog videos on social media.

Edwin Meza

Edwin is known as Shredwin, who has got more than 40,000 subscribers to his prank, vlog, and daring challenges. Edwin is 27 years old. Before becoming a popular character on social media, Edwin worked as a financial advisor who got about 15 broker licenses. He was born in Nicaragua and settled in the USA. After being a part of Joogsquad, he could reach more subscribers, and his net worth went to $300,000.


He is the least popular member of the team. He teamed up with Joogsquad as he was a friend of Jack Tenney. Scummy grew up with jack and was a part of jack’s prank videos. Although he was quite new to the AGT, he is known by the whole world through Joogsquad videos. Also, Scummy is the oldest member of the team at 35 years of age.

Jack Tenney

Jack was born in 1994 and is 27 years old. Jack Tenney is literally the Joogsquad. He is a professional skimboarder and surfer who has been able to reach millions with his private YouTube videos. He formed Joogsquad back in 2007 with the purpose of creating prank videos. At present, it has got 5.71M subscribers for his Joogsquad channel, and he is the sole guidance for that. His brothers are Turner and Pierce, and the sole sister is Alexandra, who has been the family support for him.

Joogsquad at AHT Extreme 2022
Joogsquad at AHT Extreme 2022

What happened at AGT?

Joogsquad went into AGT and did some amazing stunts in there as well. They did not make much of a difference from their YouTube channel this time at AGT. They used mouse traps plastic blocks and wanted to skim board through a 50m long fire. They literally wanted to skimboard through a pool on fire! There are lots of things about the AGT to talk about.

When it comes to the entrance to the AGT by any contestant, Joogsquad had the warmest welcome among all of them. The audience clearly knew them. Before proceeding to the magic, Jack revealed the dream of Joogsquad, getting $500,000 and changing the course of their lives by a huge margin. They want to find 50 acres to do their stunts and do everything in a legalized background, and that is why they are contesting in AGT.

Scummy set fire to himself and then jumped into a water pool. Then Edwin jumped onto mouse traps and then onto plastic blocks. Then it was jack’s turn, and he did the 50m long skimboard diving. Although it looks easy, it never was. Travis, Nikki, and Simon looked astonished. When coming to the audience, some of them refused to watch this either brave or silly action of Joogsquad.–acUZd7oY&ab_channel=America%27sGotTalent

Joogsquad social media

Joogsquad is popular on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. They have 5.71M subscribers on YouTube, and they have uploaded more than 700 videos to social media since 2007.

Joogsquad has uploaded 2,802 posts and has a number of 701k followers on Instagram. They upload images and videos related to various categories as well. They have 101.7k followers on Twitter, and they are not much active on Twitter.

When it comes to Facebook, that will be a whole new chapter of Joogsquad. The cover photo that Jack and a crocodile appear to be smiling will be the entire picture. They have 134k followers on Facebook. They tend to share their sensitive tasks through Facebook as well.

Joogsquad net worth

The approximate net worth of Joogsquad is $2.6 MILLION. The revenue they get from social media is about $550 per day. Along with the dreaming $500,000 they expect to get at AGT, they will have more in their pocket.

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Where does Joogsquad live?

All the members of the team are living in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.

How old is Joogsquad?

The age of the members of the Joogsquad ranges from 27 to 35. Jack and Edwin are 27 years old, and Scummy is 35 years old.

Where is Joogsquad from?

They are from Florida, USA.

Who runs Joogsquad?

Jack Tenney runs Joogsquad. He stated Joogsquad with the participation of his brothers and sisters in 2007.

How much does Joogsquad make from YouTube?

They make about $550 per day from YouTube. 

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