Meet Shemika Campbell, who attempts a world record at AGT

Shemika Campbell Net Worth, Biography & What is she doing now after AGT Extreme

Shemika Charles was a limbo dancer that performed in the Season 6 of America’s Got Talent. During the Vegas round, this 30-year-old performer had to leave the AGT stage. Shemika reappeared in America’s Got Talent six years later in Season 12 and got eliminated at the Judge cuts, without securing a place in Quarterfinals.

Shemika Campbell appeared on America’s Got Talent: Extreme five years after she first appeared on AGT. She got eliminated from the competition, without making it to the top two. Shemika’s net worth is not revealed as of 2023.

Shemika Campbell’s Net Worth

Shemika has not made any disclosures about her earnings and net worth. She currently holds 3 Guinness world records and continues to perform in Las Vegas.

Shemika Campbell Biography

Shemika Charles is 30 years old as of 2023. She is originally from Trinidad and Tobago and holds the Guinness World Record for limboing down to an incredible eight and a half inches (the height of a beer bottle). She recently added to her impressive list of accomplishments by becoming the first person to limbo under an SUV.

Since the age of 14, the limbo queen has been performing professionally, and it was her uncle who noticed her potential to use her natural ability to break records. Limbo is a dangerous activity, but she enjoys the sight on people’s faces when she gets down low since she confesses her love for it.

Shemika has already appeared on the “Live with Ryan and Kelly” TV show in 2020 and frequently showcases her skills on the NBA circuit.

Shemika must practice six hours a day in order to limbo below an automobile. She also visits a chiropractor once or twice a week to ensure she is physically well enough to pursue her vocation. Shemika continues to tour the United States with her family and hopes to one day be able to secure a headlining slot in Las Vegas thanks to her excellent limbo skills. Shemika now resides in Buffalo, New York.

Shemika Campbell at AGT Extreme 2022

Family and relationships

In Trinidad and Tobago, Campbell was born into a limbo-dancing family that includes her grandmother and mother, who are also limbo dancers. She opened up about her husband on Instagram with the caption “Hubby made it back to Vegas.” The couple tied the knot in November 2018 and celebrated their five-year anniversary in Vegas.

What Happened At AGT?

Shemika took part in AGT Season 6 for the first time. On the edition of the edgy “America’s Got Talent” spin-off, Campbell performed her limbo performance. The audition for “AGT” was released on the 5th of July 2011. The “AGT” alum made it through her audition on the original series, but she was left out in the cold during the judges’ cuts.

Campbell participated in the 12th Season of AGT for the second time. The limbo queen faced the second elimination in the judge cuts unable to make it to the quarterfinals.

Shemika auditioned in March 2022 for the AGT Extreme show. The limbo dancer retaliated by turning up the heat, adding fire to the routine, and increasing the difficulty by a factor of two. Campbell began by doing a body-bending limbo beneath the see-through judges’ platform.

During her first tryout, Campbell did a limbo beneath a Jeep. She did the limbo below two Jeeps this time, which she claims is a world record. She finished her circuit by limboing underneath a row of burning rods.

Shemika Campbell World Records?

In the field of limbo dancing, Shemika Charles holds the Guinness World Record twice. “The Farthest Distance to Limbo under 12 Inches” was her second Guinness World Record, which she obtained in Beijing, China, in 2016.

Her 2010 world record for the lowest limbo dancer is still standing. When she became the first person to limbo under a moving vehicle, the internet erupted with excitement. She had broken yet another record. From the Today Show with Kathy and Hoda to The Huffington Post to The New York Post to Business Insider to Men’s Fitness to Cosmopolitan, the news was reported on around the world. These are just a handful of the outlets that covered the story.

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