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Jared Owen net worth and facts you like to know

Jared Owen net worth and facts you like to know

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Who is Jared Owen?

Jared Owen is a 3D animator animater from United States. He makes 3D animations of how things work and post his own YouTube channel named Jared Owen.

When he Yunger he really wants to be an animator. He wants to work for Disney or something like that. When he was in high school his dad and older brother taught him about coding. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and after his degree his first job was a software engineer. He used to learn about blender software when he back to home after job. Thats how he became a professional 3D animater.

How does Jared Owen make animation?

He uses Blender software to create all his animation and Blender is free Sortware (open source). He is the script writer of his YouTube videos and record and edit his voice using Audacity. And also, he takes audios from YouTube audio Labry for all his videos. Generally, he takes about 50 hours to make simple animation video and it takes more than 100 hours to make complex animation video.

Here is some of the gear that Jared Owen use for animation.

  • Graphics Card: GTX 1080t
  • CPU: i7-8700k
  • Motherboard: Asus Prim Z370-A
  • Microphone: Samson Go Mic
  • Mouse: Logitech G600
  • Chair: Staples Gaming Chair
Jared Owen
Jared Owen

Jared Owen social media

Currently Jared Owen active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. He started his YouTube channel 11 years ago and now it has 64 videos and more than 2 million subscribers and 203,151,512 views on YouTube. Jared has 3821 followers and uploaded 81 posts on his Instagram account.

YouTubeJared Owen
FacebookJared Owen Animation
PatreonJared Owen Animations
Jared Owen social media profiles

Best highlights of Jared Owen animations

Jared Owen’s YouTube channel most viewed video is titled with “How does a Tank work? (M1A2 Abrams)”. Out of it there are so many videos on his channel reach more than 5 million views.

  • How big is the Solar System?
  • How does an Escalator work?
  • How does an Electric Motor work? (DC Motor)
  • How did the Orbiter Vehicle work? (Space Shuttle)
  • How does the International Space Station work?
  • What’s Inside of the White House?
  • How did the Space Shuttle launch work?
  • What happened to the Hindenburg?
  • What’s inside the Statue of Liberty?
  • How does a Combination Lock work?
How does a Tank work? (M1A2 Abrams)

Jared Owen net worth

Jared oven earn his income from his YouTube channel. So, his net worth is believed to be S1.2 million as of 2022.

What programs does Jared Owen use?

He uses Blender to create animation and Audacity to edit audio for his videos. This two software are open-source software which anyone can download and use completely free.

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