What Happened to Espiritu in AGT 2024?

Espiritu energized the AGT 2024 stage with their awesome dance performance and captured the hearts of the audience.

Age (at audition)9 to 25 Years
Home TownSouthern California
ActDance Group
Position ReachedSelected for the next round
AGT 2024

Espiritu made the whole audience dance along with their wonderful dance performance. Despite Howie Mandel voting ‘no’, all the other judges voted ‘yes’ sending them to the next round.

This enormous dance group consists of performers aged between 9 to 25 years. They come from Southern California.

Just after their performance Heidi Klum commented. ”As you can see the crowd was in love with you guys.” Let’s explore the story of these 51 young dancers and their animated audition moments.


Espiritu was founded by Kenneth Espiritu, the group is made from the members of the Southern California community. In April 2023, they showcased their talents at World of Dance in Los Angeles.

In November 2023, the group competed in the Maxt Out Dance Competition.

Espiritu Biography 

Real Name  Espiritu
Age 9 to 25 Years
Profession Dancers
AGT 2024

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


This big group of dancers gradually took all of the stage synced along to the very steady dance movements. Ultimately, they crafted a dance performance filled with energy and winning the hearts of the audience.

Heidi Klum commented, ”It was very impressive when all 51 of people were on the stage at the same time and literally there wasn’t one leg out of line, and I was like dang it.” Unfortunately, Howie Mandel voted ‘no’ to the group as he thought their performance is nothing innovative.

However, these energetic youngsters were passed to the next round as the other three judges voted ‘yes’ for their performance.

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