Everything about Mike E. Winfield, AGT stand-up comedian

What happened to Mike E. Winfield in America’s Got Talent?

Stand-up comedian Mike E. Winfield is an America’s Got Talent Season 17 finalist who is married to an older woman named Kisha. Here is a brief of everything about what happened to Mike E. Winfield in AGT 2022 and some facts about his biography and net worth.

What happened to Mike E. Winfield in AGT 2022?


On the AGT stage, after Mike introduced himself, the judges seemed interested. Mike did a conversational comedy act that seemed usual at the beginning. But it was not as if Mike had string content or a script in it.

As the judges expected, Mike could astonish them with his comedy act. Mike got four Okays, and there were lots of comments.

“Your performance is among the best two minutes auditions the entire audience must have enjoyed,” said Simon.


In the semi-finals, Mike talks about his wife, step man, and the worst sandwich he has ever had. It was a most hilarious joke in the semi-final.

Mike’s performance brought him to the AGT grand finale. AI software company Metaphysic and Mike E. Winfield were the AGT 2022 semi-final week four finalists.

“No comedian has made it yet to the big finale; maybe this one will be you,” said Heidi Klum.

“Mike hope that people vote for you tonight because you were amazing, you have so much charisma, your jokes are so relatable, your energy on that stage you look like you’re an old-timer. I loved it”

Sofia Vergara

“This is a star performance, in my opinion. I think America will put you through to the finals after that. I do, and you deserve it; that was brilliant,” .


“I will tell you something if you do not get voted in the finals on September the I’m playing the Westbury theatre in new york, you come to open up for me, but I got a feeling you’re not going to be available.”

Howie Mandel


In the AGT finale, Mike’s act was unique. It impressed the judges, and they gave him a standing ovation.

But when it came to results, he could not select the top five-act. Mike finished in the bottom 6 of the top 11.

Biography and early life

Mike E. Winfield was born in Baltimore, MD. Mike did not reveal his age at The AGT or on any occasion. According to him, he is either in his 20s or 30s.

As a child, he had a rough childhood, as he remembers. “I could not tolerate the atmosphere at my door, and the best thing was to escape my home. Although I did not want to be a comedian simultaneously, I wanted to learn, that’s all” That is how Mike reminded me of his childhood.

After moving to Sacramento, CA, he reached the comedy level, and his ambition was to act in Stage Dramas. Although Mike’s Family was not there, he got support from professors as well as his fellow students at the college.

Family and relationships

Mike didn’t talk about his parents. It seems he is like keep them personal. 

Who is Mike E Winfield’s wife?

According to his official website, Mike is married to an older woman with a child. Mike’s wife’s name is Kisha, and she came to the AGT auditions with Mike. It was confirmed by Mike at an audition that his wife is older than him however the age difference was not mentioned.

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Mike’s career started about 15 years ago. He first played stage dramas and then moved his skills into cinema, music, and social media with time.

Mike has produced a few movies, including Acting Out (2016), Brad Paisley and Friends (2017), and Virgin Produced: Comedy Vault.

Acting in dramas or movies is not the best way to name him, but as a comedian who has opened several other incomes such as social media, influencing, and the affiliate will suffice.

Social media

Mike uploads content regarding his upcoming events, special appearances, and affiliate products on Instagram.
Mike is not a successful Youtuber yet as he has only been able to get just 8.7K subscribers. He has 16K followers on his Facebook account and regularly maintains it.
Twitter is where he has succeeded the most, as he has been able to collect 70.9k followers.


Mike E. Winfield’s net worth

AGT stand-up comedian Mike’s net worth is close to $ 3 Million as of 2023.

So, to sum it up.

Mike E Winfield has been a person who could use all the modern ways to attract followers. He has not been the typical comedian who acts on stage but a star who has used social media, influencing strategies, and the latest comedy strategies to be who he is today.


How old is Mike E Winfield?

Mike revealed his age as 20s or 30s on the AGT stage. But he should be around 34-36.

Did Mike E. Winfield win the AGT 2022?

He was unable to win the AGT Season 17.

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