What happened to Drake Milligan in AGT 2022 + Net worth

What happened to Drake Milligan After AGT 2022?

Country singer, Drake Milligan won the hearts of everyone with his sensational voice in AGT Season 17. Drake finished America’s Got Talent 2022 competition in 3rd place. But what happened to Drake Milligan after AGT? Let’s find out!

What Happened to Drake Million After AGT 2022?

Drake continues his career as a singer with his musical band. He released a new music album named “Dallas/Fort Worth” on September 15, 2022. With his fame from AGT, he is now busy with musical shows.

He was announced as a nominee for the breakthrough male video of the Year category at 2023.

Where is Drake Milligan Now?

Currently, Drake lives in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Drake Milligan Biography

Drake’s full name is Drake Milligan. He is from Forth Worth, Texas, United States. Milligan is 24 years of age. He is an American. He is a Christian and loves to add something to his musical talents.

AGT Drake started out as an Elvis Impersonator. His birthday is 1st June 1998. He is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Milligan’s zodiac sign is Gemini. He is a professional country singer, guitarist, and American actor best known for portraying Elvis Presley on the CMT series.

He moved to Nashville, Tennessee during his last years of high school. Drake professionally received training in music. Now with his performances, he is used to calling as “The New Elvis of Country.” Drake has been performing for years now.

Drake Milligan

Drake Milligan Family and Relationships

His dad runs a scrap yard. He was inspired a lot by his dad’s love of country music. Drake’s mom is a veterinarian. Her name is Angela Milligan. AGT Drake’s marital status is unmarried. There is no news about his affairs and relationship with anyone. Nothing about his siblings.

What happened to Drake Milligan at the AGT audition?

Drake came to the AGT season 17 wearing a guitar with his musical band. The country singer reveals that he believes AGT more than anything as it’s way bigger. He sang one of his original songs called, “Sounds like something I’d Do” while playing the guitar and was accompanied by his band.

His stunning performance shocked the audience and the judges. “I think you are a hit and you are like the new Elvis of Country” Howie expresses his thoughts on Drake’s debut audition.  Eventually, he received all four yeses to advance to the next round.

What happened to Drake Milligan in the AGT semi-finals?

On a Tuesday night live semi-finals Drake comes with his band members. He proves that he is the new Elvis of country music with his original song “Kiss Goodbye All Night”.

His performance was enough to get votes to select the Top 5 acts of week one. Finally, he was able to select the top 2 acts with saxophonist Avery Dixon. We can see his performance in AGT 2022 finale.



Drake was a contestant on Season 16 of American Idol. He won the audition by receiving yes votes from all three judges. But Milligan left the Hollywood Round as he thought that he is not ready for that platform. He has played Elvis Presley on a CMT show.

Drake auditioned for a recording contract with BBR Music Group. Milligan released his debut song called Extended Play in July 2021. Then in October 2022, Drake released his Christmas song “Cowgirl for Christmas.” He is the one of AGT 2022 finalists.

Social Media

He has his own YouTube channel with over 85.5K subscribers. He has already uploaded 480 posts to it.

One of his official music videos called “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” has over 1 million views on YouTube.

The country singer has amassed over 117K followers on Facebook. His debut performance is getting viral and it has passed 10 million views on Facebook. Drake has over 78K followers on Instagram. He has posted over 420 posts in it.

How much is Drake Milligan’s Net Worth now in 2023?

He is a singer and an actor who has made a cool amount of money. Drake’s approximate net worth is around $ 5 million.

AGT Singer Drake is earning a considerable amount of money by performing as a country music singer in many recognized concerts, festivals, and shows. Also, he made money by appearing in a number of TV shows and films.


Drake Milligan is a country music singer. With the fame of America’s Got Talent now, he is continuing his music career well. Recently he released his third music album Dallas/Fort Worth.

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Where is Drake Milligan from?

Drake Milligan AGT is from Fourth Worth, Texas, United States.

How old is Drake Milligan now?

Drake is 24 years old.

Who is Drake Milligan?

Drake Milligan is a country music singer.

Does Drake Milligan have a record deal?

He received a contract with BBR Music group. Broken Bow Records is an American record label band that specializes in country music. Drake works on BBR with Stoney Creek Records.

How much does Drake make per concert?

He is getting paid up to $ 2 million for a single big show.

Did Drake Milligan win ‘AGT?

He was in the final but unable to win. He finished the competition in 3rd place.

Is Drake Milligan married?

He is not married yet. And also he is currently not dating anyone.

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