Meet AGT 2022 Group Golden Buzzer Chapel Hart Band + Facts

Meet AGT 2022 Group Golden Buzzer Chapel Hart Band + Facts

The trio ladies proved that they are the next great thing in country music on AGT July 19 episode. They expressed their Mississippi heritage to the audience with their original song titled “ You Can Have Him, Jolene.”  Eventually, the Chapel Hart trio’s stunning performance earned the golden buzzer from the AGT judges and host Terry Crews. Here are some facts about Chapel Hart’s biography, career, net worth, and many more.

Who are the members of Chapel Hart Band?

Chapel Hart is an American country vocal group. It consists of 3 members called sisters Danica Hart and Devynn Hart, and their cousin Trea Swindle. They are natives of Poplarville, Mississippi. Chapel Hart trio has their own harmonies, personalities, and a solid foundation in the genre. These three have a natural ability to connect with the people through their vocals, dance, and performances. At present, the Chapel Hart band is very famous in the US community for their country music.

Danica Hart

Danica Hart is the elder sister of Devynn Hart. She is the most experienced member of the Chapel Hart family. Danica went to Poplarville Junior-Senior High School. Then she studied at Pearl River Community College for her higher studies. Danica currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has engaged to Darrick M Williams.

Danica Hart got engaged on 21st July 2015.  Danica has a brother. His name is Darius Hart. She is a vocalist, songwriter, and musician. Danica is an adopted daughter by her uncle and mother’s brother. Her birth dad lives in the same city. But she doesn’t have a close relationship with him.

Devynn Hart

Devynn is the sister of Danica Hart and Darius Hart. She also currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. Devynn had lost her job 3 years later. Then Danica proposed Devynn to join with Chapel Hart. Finally, Devynn became a permanent member of the Chapel Hart.

Trea Swindle

Swindle is a cousin of Danica and Devynn. She was a prison guard in Mississippi. Then she quit her job and spend time with music. At the earlier stage, Swindle and Danica started to do music as a duo. She started her music career as a street performer. Her favorite song is “ I Will Follow” of their one of the originals.

Chapel Hart Band members
Chapel Hart Band members

What happened at American’s Got Talent?

Three ladies came to the AGT’s stage with great hopes and expectations. They introduced themselves as vocalists who are performing country music as a group. Then the country trio performed their original song” You Can Have Him Jolene” in their own way.

After the remarkable audition, Simon shouted “ Oh my God!, trust me, I needed you today, that was fantastic and I love you and the choreography you have going on around you” he added. “ Everything was perfect, the song, energy, and you look like you have been doing this for a long time” Vergara added.

Their energetic performance earned the golden buzzer. The four judges and the show’s host collectively slammed the golden buzzer, sending the three ladies to the live rounds.


Their career starts as street performers in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2014. Then they started writing original songs as well. Jeff Glixman is the record producer and the manager of Chapel Hart band. In 2019, they released their first album titled “Out the Mud.”  They dropped their second album titled “The Girls are Back in Town” in 2021.

Chapel Hart band has already released five singles and two studio albums in the last three years. Chapel Hart members got the chance to be in the CMT’s Next Women of Country class of 2021.

Chapel Hart Band songs

You can listen to the AGT Chapel Hart band’s singles which are mentioned below.

  • Jesus and Alcohol – (in 2020)
  • I Will Follow – ( in 2021)
  • You Can Have Him Jolene (The song is an answer for Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”)
  • Made For Me- (released in July 2022)

Social Media

AGT Chapel Hart already has a large fan base all over the world. Their performance on the AGT’s stage become very famous. It is getting viral and more than  725K views have been viewed within 8 hours. Their YouTube channel has 7.86 subscribers. They have uploaded 26 videos to it.

The official video of “ You Can Have Him Jolene” has over 86K views. Jesus and Alcohol is the most famous music video of them. They have amassed 104K views to that on their YouTube channel. AGT Chapel Hart band has 20.2 K followers on Instagram. They have dropped over 180 posts into it. On Facebook, this trio has amassed 45k followers since 2014.

Chapel Hart Net Worth 2022

There are no exact figures on their net worth. But surely they have a considerable amount of net worth as they are performing continuously at parties, stage shows, and festivals.


Although most of Chapel Hart’s career facts are in this article, there is nothing much about their net worth. None of the above three members have revealed their birthdays. There is not enough information about Devynn Hart. It is very clear that they are already professionals in the music industry with a unique identity. Chapel Hart band is an icon of country music.  


Where is Chapel Hart band from?

Chapel Hart Band is from Poplarville, Mississippi.

How old are Chapel Hart band members?

There is no information about Chapel Hart members’ birth years.

Is Danica an adopted lady?

Yes, Danica Hart is an adopted daughter.

Who are the founder members of this Chaple Hart band?

Danica Hart and Trea Swindle are the founder members of Chapel Hart.

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