Meet AGT singer Amanda Mammana who moved Judges to tears

Meet AGT singer Amanda Mammana who moved Judges to tears

Young Amanda Mammana performed superbly on American Got Talent during the July 29 episode. Her performance brought tears to all four judges. Amanda is extremely authentic on stage and she delivered a really powerful original song with an emotional feeling. Even though Mammana has some speaking issues, she did her audition with a great passion. Here we will touch on her biography, family, relationships, net worth, and other facts.

Amanda Mammana biography

Amanda’s full name is Amanda Mammana. She is 19 years of age. Her birthplace is Trumbull, Connecticut. She does not reveal her birthday at anywhere. She is an American. AGT Amanda is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. AGT Singer Amanda’s height is 5 feet 5 inches. Mammana’s weight is approximately 50kg. Her Zodiac sign is Scorpio.

She went to Christian Heritage School. In her childhood, she became shy due to her speech impediment. But then she begins to play the guitar and it changes her mind and all. Now AGT singer Amanda Mammana is a student at Liberty University. Mammana’s marital status is unmarried.

Does Amanda Mammana have some speech impediment?

AGT singer Amanda Mammana has some trouble releasing words due to a speech impediment. But she revealed that when she sings, her impediment goes away. Her speech impediment developed at the age of 10.

Family and relationship

There is not enough information about her mother. Nevertheless, nobody knows what her mother’s name is. But there is a person who came to the AGT stage with her. Surely he should be her father according to his behaviors. AGT Amanda’s father’s name is Micheal Mammana. She has an elder sister. Amanda has an uncle called Gary Mammana. Singer Amanda Mammana has posted some of their family photos on Facebook.

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

When she is going to introduce herself to the judges, she had some communication challenges. “As you can probably tell, I have a bit of a speech impediment,” Singer Mammana said to the judges. Then, Amanda revealed that when she sings, her impediment goes away.

She sang her original song for her audition. Also, the song was written by herself. Her performance impressed the judges and the audience. AGT Amanda received a standing ovation from all four judges for her surprise audition. She also got emotional with tears in response to the judges. Eventually, AGT singer Amanda received four yeses and got the chance for the next round.

What happened to Amanda Mammana in the AGT semi-finals?

On AGT live semi finals week 3, Amanda delivers a amazing performance to her original song “Worth Fighting For”.

“You really deserver it,” said Simon Cowell. “It was heroic and beautiful,” added Howie Mandel.

“It was beautiful,” said Heidi Klum . “you are a very inspiring beautiful girl,” added Sofia Vergara.

She was selected to live AGT semi-finals week 3, top five acts. But she was unable to get enough votes to select the top two acts for semi-final week 3. She was eliminated from the semi-finals and magician Nicolas Ribs and singer Sara James were week 3 finalists.


AGT Amanda started to be with the guitar in seventh grade. She has practiced a lot to be a guitarist. Then she joined her school’s worship band. Later she got the chance to join her church’s worship band. Though she has some speaking issues, finally she could play and sing at the same time.

Her dedication was superb and should be highly appreciated. Then she started to write songs to express her difficulties and personal experiences. At the moment, singer Amanda Mammana has three singles that have already been released.

Social Media                                       

AGT singer Amanda currently has 20 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her performance on AGT is getting viral on YouTube. It has passed 1.2 million views within a single day. Mammana has 804 subscribers on her own YouTube channel. She has dropped so many covers on her YouTube channel.

Singer Mammana has 3722 followers on Facebook. AGT Amanda is following Shawn Mendes, Fairview Tree Farm, and Sight and Sound Theatres on Facebook. But she has only 240 friends on her Facebook account. Amanda has posted a photoshoot on Facebook with her sister. She has captioned it as “ I think Anna was tired of us after this shoot.”

Mammana has 3527 followers on Instagram. She has uploaded 12 posts to it. She has already dropped her performance of AGT on Instagram. It received 34750 likes so far. It shows that her breathtaking performance on the  AGT stage will help to amass her followers on social media very soon.

Singer Amanda Mammana in America's Got Talent
Singer Amanda Mammana in America’s Got Talent

Amanda Mammana’s Net Worth

There is no exact figure for her net worth. Her approximate net worth is $ 50K. She may earn a considerable amount of money by performing as a musician.


There is nothing much about AGT Amanda’s family, and net worth. No information about her mother. But most of Amanda AGT’s social media facts and career facts are here in this article. She has a little number of followers on social media. But surely, Singer Mammana will earn a loyal following very soon.


How old is Amanda Mammana AGT?

Amanda Mammana is 19 years of age.

Where is Amanda Mammana from?

Amanda Mammana is from Trumbull, Connecticut.

Does Amanda Mammana have some speech impediment?

 Yes, Amanda Mammana has speech impediment since 10 years old.

Where is Amanda Mammana studying?

Amanda Mammana is studying at Liberty University.

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