Meet Singer Wyn Starks who moved Sofia Vergara to tears at AGT 2022

Is Wyn Starks Married? Let’s Find Out

Wyn Starks is a 45-year-old singer in America’s Got Talent 2022 (Season 17) who got eliminated from the semifinals. He is a musician in his career and recently released his debut album, Black Is Golden. He has an estimated net worth of $400,000 as of 2023.

Wyn seems to be single as he has not revealed any relationship status to the public.

Let’s peep into what he is doing now and some facts about his lifestyle and net worth.

Wyn Starks biography

Wyn Starks was born on January, 01,1978, and is 45 years old as of 2023. He is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and currently resides in Asheville, Tennessee. He is Christian and has mixed ethnicity. Wyn grew up in Minneapolis with his brother and his parents.

Starks’s passion for music was inspired by many musicians like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Prince, and Marvin Gaye. He sang in churches and toured across the country as a backup vocalist when he was young. Wyn continued his career as a musician in genres like Pop, Soul, Gospel along with R&B.

Family and relationships

Starks’s family consists of a mother, father, and brother. Wyn’s Mother is the main inspiration for his singing career. His mother used to play various kinds of musical instruments and sing songs for him and his brother.

Wyn Stark and his brother Caine Starks had different lifestyles. Caine was arrested and put in the Federal Correctional Facility, where he died after some time. Wyn made a heartfelt tribute to his brother when he performed at the AGT auditions.

His relationship status remains to be single and he has not revealed many details to the public.

Is Wyn Starkes married?

Wyn is not married and has not publicized any information regarding his relationship status.

How did Wyn Starks brother die?

Wyn’s brother, Caine Ramus Starks Sr. was incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Facility, for the possession and selling of drugs. Caine served prison time for 1 year, 5 months, and 6 days and died at the facility itself.

Caine Stark had his sentence for release on April 21, 2022. Unfortunately, Caine died On November 15, 2020, while serving his sentence. The exact cause of Caine’s death was not revealed. Speculations remained that Caine died due to complications from Covid-19.

I was all night crying and thinking about how proud my brother would be today.

Wyn Starkes
Wyn Starkes with his brother Caine Ramus Starks Sr.

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

He auditioned for an original song, “Who I Am” which resonated with the story of his personal journey. Wyn sang it as a tribute to his twin brother who lost his life two years ago. “It’s been really hard, and he was one of my biggest supporters,” he said, holding tears. His performance consisted of emotions, technical skills, and power. “That was amazing,Sofia remarked.

After Wyn’s performance, Judge Sofia was full of tears.

Honestly, you are brilliant Wyn, That song was extraordinary. This could be a life-changing moment for you.

Simon Cowell

Wyn selects to the next round with sounding three yeses from judges.

Why was Sofia in tears after Wyn’s audition?

In 1988, Judge Sofia Vergara’s brother died in a kidnapping attempt. She remembered her own brother from Wyn’s emotional audition. Vergara told Wyn that she loved the song and could relate to his grief after losing her brother.

What happened to Way Starks in America’s Got Talent semi-finals?

On the live semi-finals, Wyn sang “In The Stars” by Benson Boone and stunned everyone with his powerful vocals. However, Magician Yu Hojin and music band Chapel Hart were the most-voted acts in the semi-finals and Wyn had to say goodbye to the AGT stage.


Wyn sang in churches when he was a child. He worked with different songwriters, which helped him grow as a songwriter. During the COVID pandemic, Wyn was laid off from his job and became a part of the hospitality industry to make a living. Wyn started to build his career as a musician after appearing on AGT.

Wyn released his first singleCircles” on July 19. 2019. and he shared that “Circles is about finding love.” Starks has collaborated with other songwriters and musicians like Jay-Way, The WRLDFMS Tony Williams, and Built by Titan. After making his name in the music industry, Stark continued to release amazing songs with his powerful vocal abilities. The song “Who Am I” by Wyn earned number 27 on Billboard‘s AC Airplay chart.

What is Wyn Stark doing now?

Starks is continuing his career as a singer in genres like Pop, R&B, and Gospel music. He has collaborated with other songwriters and musicians to deliver exceptional music to his audience. Wyn’s YouTube has all his performances and official videos. Starks has established his merch on his website which includes his limited edition Vinyl records and T-shirts.

Wyn Starks songs

Wyn released his first single“Circle” in 2020. The song “Dancing My Way” features American Idol and the popular CBS show Love Island.

“Black is Golden, is the first album of Wyn which he released in 2021. It was only intended for his brother. Wyn Starks released many songs. Linger, Deck the Halls, sparrow, Dancing my way, and Sunday Morning are some of his popular songs.

Social Media

He is maintaining his own YouTube channel. It has amassed over 48k subscribers in it. Starks has already posted many of his own videos on YouTube.

You can follow him on his Facebook page and he has 27K followers on it. Starks created his Facebook page on 21st January 2011.  

Wyn’s Instagram is currently inactive and has shared the news of his brother’s death on his Instagram, “RIP my twin brother, I will miss you!”.

You can find AGT Wyn Starks on Apple Music and Spotify.

AGT Singer Wyn Starks
AGT Singer Wyn Starks

Wyn Starks’s Net Worth

Wyn’s approximate net worth is $400,000 as of 2023. He earns a considerable amount of money through performing as a singer.


Wyn is an Artist with a spectacular voice. His elimination from AGT in the Semi-finals did not stop him from pursuing his dream. Wyn continues his music career on his own platform and has earned the love of many across the world. It is certain that he will become more successful in the near future with his amazing voice.

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How old is Wyn Starks AGT?

Wyn Starks does not mention any information about his age.

Where is Wyn Starks from?

Wyn Starks is from Asheville, Tennessee.

Is Wyn Starks gay?

Yes, Wyn Starks is openly gay.

Why did Wyn lose his job?

Wyn Sparks lost his job due to the covid pandemic.

Is Wyn Starks a gospel singer?

Wyn used to be a backup gospel vocalist and still continues as a gospel singer among other genres.

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