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What is Debbii Dawson Doing Now After America’s Got Talent?

Debbii Dawson is a singer featured on America’s Got Talent Season 17 and she was eliminated on the wildcard vote. She was unable to get enough votes to select for the semifinals.

She is an American, but her ethnicity is Indian because Debbii Dawson’s parents are from India. Let’s find out what she doing now with the latest news.

Debbii Dawson

What is Debbi Dawson Doing now?

She didn’t stop her music career after America’s Got Talent. Now she is uploading song covers on her YouTube channel. Recently she posted on her Instagram profile that she is going to release her first Debut EP. Now she is fund-rising from

Hi I’m Debbii Dawson, thanks for checking out my kickstarter!  I am so excited to announce that I am officially recording and releasing my original songs in an upcoming Debut EP! 

Music is my legacy. I’ve been writing and producing songs from my bedroom for the past few years and I’m finally ready to share them with the world. This means that for the first time, I am professionally recording and mixing/mastering what’s been on my heart, in my head, and stored on my computer… and releasing it for you all! Supporting this kickstarter is you supporting that process of recording and releasing this EP.

Debbii Dawson

Debbii Dawson Biography

Singer Debbii’s full name is Debbii Dawson. Her birthplace is Minnesota, United States. Then, Debbii moved to San Francisco. She currently resides in Los Angeles, United States.

Debbii’s religion is Christianity. Her zodiac sign is Libra. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Dawson’s approximate weight is 51kg.

She is not married yet. Her birthday is on the 10th of March and there is no exact information about her age. She may in her early twenties.

Debbii Dawson is a singer, songwriter, and producer. She specializes in Indie pop and R&B. She has a unique, and country voice. Dawson sings comfortably when playing with guitar or piano.

Family and Relationships

Debbii’s family has a huge musical background. Her Grandfather is an Indian and he is a musician. Grandfather trained her father to play the organ. Then her father taught her to play those instruments. Her father is also an Indian and immigrated to the United States.

Then he attended college in America. Debbii’s mother is also a pianist. Debbii’s dad met her mother in the same college when she was playing the piano in the practice room. Her father’s name is David and her mother’s name is Shadow.

MotherShadow Dawson
FartherDavid Dawson
Boyfriend/ HusbandN/A

What Happened To Debbii Dawson In Americans Got Talent?

Debbie starts her audition by saying to the judges that music is more than just a passion, it is her legacy. Then she delivers her own acoustic version of Abba’s Dancing Queen.

Eventually, Debbii earned a stand-ovation from the judges.

You know the way you sound it’s so sweet and soothing and really does have a star quality

Howie Mandel

“You are gorgeous and your voice is as you are” Heidi added with her best compliments. She had all four yeses from the judges.

After the judgment, Simon asked her to call Debbii Dawson’s parents over the phone and Howie ask her to come down near the judges. Finally, they revealed the fact that Debbii was the one who begged her parents not to be there.

She is unable to advance to the semifinals because she was eliminated from the Wildcard Vote.


Debbii developed her career around Indie pop and R&B. She is a professional performer who performs her individual acts. Dobbii Dawson performed in “Zellas” on 12th January  2022. She individually performed in that concert.

Debbii performed a set of original music on the Color Me Country musical show at the Folk Unlocked Showcase. The show was on last February 2022.

Debbii performed in the concert with Brian Owens, Will Merrell, Miko Marks and The Resurrectors, and Neffy. She specializes in creating inventive rearrangements for popular songs.

Social Media

Debbii Dawson has a YouTuber channel under the same name. It has amassed 37.3K subscribers. Dawson created her YouTube channel on 31st May 2016. She has posted 32 videos to it. Debbi has over 1.6 million views for her cover videos on YouTube.

Her audition on American Got Talent is becoming famous all over the world. It has over 360K views on YouTube within just 4 hours time. Singer Debbi Dawson has over 1000 followers on Facebook.

AGT Hoster Terry Crews has dropped her audition on his Facebook page and it has over 647k views.

Her email address is [email protected]. Debb has over 18K followers on Instagram and she has followed back 321. Dawson has dropped 300 posts into it.

How Much Is Debbii Dawson’s Net Worth Now?

There are no exact figures on her net worth. But her approximate net worth is $50k. She may earn a good income from her own concerts. Also, she earns a considerable amount of money by uploading impressive videos to social media.

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With the fame, she got from AGT 2022 the world knows what she can do. That is why she opened a Kickstarter to release her first Debut EP. Now she is focussing on her music career. We will beable to hear her songs in a short time.


Where is Debbii Dawson from?

Debbii Dawson is from Los Angeles.

Was Debbii Dawson featured in the semi-finals?

No, she was eliminated in Wildcard Vote.

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