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AGT 2022 Singer Ben Waites Net Worth, Biography and Facts

The man who sang “True Colors” win the heart of all three judges and the audience on AGT. Ben Waites performance aired on Tuesday, July 12 at 8 p.m. on NBC. The inspirational wheelchair-bound singer proves that he is very confident with his vocal training.

But, he doesn’t discuss his disability at all during the clip. Here are some facts about Ben’s biography, career, family, relationships, and net worth.

Ben Waites with his wife
Ben Waites with his wife

Ben Waites biography

AGT wheelchair singer Ben’s full name is Ben Waites. His nickname is BJ Waites. He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. But Ben was originally born in Louisiana.

Waites is a Southern Gospel Singer and a vocal coach. As Ben’s birthday is 26th May 1989, he is 33 years old now. Waites is an American. His religion is Christianity.

Ben’s zodiac sign is Gemini. He studied at Louisiana Christian University. His height is 5 feet 4 inches.

Ben Waites was born with Arthrogryposis multiplex Congenital, which binds him to a wheelchair. He loves to watch movies, play video games, and discover new places with his wife.

Music is my language but I can’t say it’s the most important thing in my life.

Ben Waites

Ben Waites’s family and relationship

Ben Waites has a happy, fulfilling life and a supportive family. At a young age, Ben was inspired a lot by his grandfather. His Grandfather’s name is Jim Waites. Grandfather is the founder of the Gospel Tones Quartet. In 2010, Ben’s dad passed away.

Ben Waites’s wife is Natalia Waites. He came to the AGT show with her lovely wife. And he has a son and a daughter. His grandmother and mother were also in the audience to watch his debut performance on AGT’s stage.

Ben Waites and his family
Ben Waites and his family

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

There were only three judges as Howie tested positive for COVID- 19. Ben came to the AGT with his wife, mother, and grandmother. He explained his disability in a video package with host Terry Crews.

I will be singing True Colors, and the message of the song I feel is able to speak to people no matter their age, race, and background, it is able to communicate the message of hope.

Ben Waites

Ben auditioned with the classic tone “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. The performance was pretty great. He created an emotional arc with his vocals. After the performance, Sofia Vergara was openly emotional with tears.


In December 2010, Ben graduated from Louisiana College with a degree in music, communication, and theater arts. He received several scholarships during his years at college.

During years in his college, he went to Germany with his friends. Then they performed in a monastery. It was an unforgettable day in Ben’s life. He began to work as a vocal trainer.

Currently, Waites is teaching Southern Gospel music to thousands of students. Ben started his singing career as a Southern Gospel singer. It is a type of Christian music that originates from the Southeastern part of the USA.

Social Media

Ben has over 3,300 followers on Instagram. Ben is very good at FaceBook. You can find him on Facebook at @Ben Waites. He has 70750 followers in it.

Ben has posted 10+ posts in the last two weeks. His performance on AGT was getting viral on YouTube. It has passed 2.4 million views within 48 hours. Ben posted an original song on YouTube titled “I can’t talk.” You can find Ben Waites on Apple Music too.

Ben Waites’ Net Worth

There is no exact figure about his net worth. Ben’s approximate net worth is $ 60K. He may earn a considerable amount of money by working as a vocal trainer.

Also, Ben is performing on big shows as a Southern Gospel singer. Even though, Ben is disabled, he earned a lot through his vocal talent and music knowledge.


Although Ben is disabled, his performance touched the whole world within 2 minutes. Therefore, he will come with some creative auditions in the very next round.


How old is Ben Waites AGT?

He is 33 years old as of 2022.

Where is Ben Waites from?

Ben is from Nashville, Tennessee.

Is Ben Waites Married?

Yes, Ben is a married person.

Who is Ben Waites?

He is a Southern Gospel Singer and a vocal coach.

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