What Happened to Kerr James after BGT 2019? Here are some quick facts.

Do you remember the 12 years old Boy named Kerr James who wanted to aspire to ‘Freddie Mercury’? It has passed a couple of BGT seasons since his semi-finals. Here is what happened to Kerr James after BGT and some facts about him. 

Kerr James

Kerr James participated in Britain’s Got Talent in 2019He got eliminated from the semi-finals. Here are some facts about him.

Where is Kerr James from?Glasgow, Scotland
Net worth nowUnknown

Where is Kerr James now?

It has passed 03 years since his BGT appearance. The most important thing is he has become 15 years. He is in Glasgow, Scotland, just like when appearing on BGT

What is Kerr James doing now?

As Kerr is 15 years old, he is still schooling. As he said on the BGT, he expects to become a Record Artist. Therefore, he takes his education to relate to Music.

Biography and early life

Kerr James is a Scottish boy who lives in Glasgow, Scotland. The Boy was born in 2007, and we still don’t know when his birthday is. 

James has been a clever boy for Music and other stage performances. He was just 07 when he got the part of Oliver in an Apollo Players production at the Pavilion Theatre. 

The Boy acted in Barrowlands, and King Tut’s for charity showed when he was just 06. Recently, James appeared on Buchanan Street as well.

Family and relationships

Kerr James’s parents are roadies who love to spend their time traveling all around Scotland. The Boy has mentioned that his parents as “the oldest roadies in town.”

His grandfather took care of most of the Boy with his academics. Also, James has mentioned her sister on several occasions, and it seems he is a good brother to her.

What happened to Kerr James on Britain’s Got Talent?


The judges could not understand what this Boy would do with a 1960s classic suit. The song he chose on the AGT was ‘Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding. He played the Piano while singing the song.

The singing performance was full of high pitches, drags, and everything only a talented singer was capable of performing. It was for the judges and Simon was the most pleased person. 

‘You came out with this real energy and optimism – you’re good when you’re different, you’re good when you stand out.’ Said Cowell. He got yeses so that he could make it to the next round.

Live Shows (semi-finals)

Kerr chose ‘Rocketman ‘by Elton John in the semi-finals. Although he did a great job even in the semis, Kerr did not get votes from people. He was eliminated from the semi-finals.

Did Kerr James win BGT?

No. Kerr James could not make it to the finals of BGT.


Kerr has chosen Music as his career. He is clear about his ambition, being a Recording Artist.  

Kerr James net worth 2022

Kerr is still schooling. He earns money from singing on stage, but his net worth is unknown.

Social media

Kerr James is not on Social Media yet. As soon as he is on Social Media, we will bring you updates.


How old is Kerr James now?

Kerr is 15 years old now.

Where is Kerr James from?

He is from Glasgow, Scotland.

Did Kerr James win BGT?

No, James did not win the BGT title.

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