Meet Avery Dixon, the first Golden Buzzer of AGT 2022

What happened to Avery Dixon in America’s Got Talent 2022?

Saxophonist Avery Dixon is an America’s Got Talent finalist. And also, he is the AGT host Terry Crews Golden Buzzer. Here is what happened to Avery Dixon in AGT 2022 and some facts about his net worth and biography.

What happened to Avery Dixon in AGT 2022?


The judges appreciated Avery even before showcasing his skills. “That was my favorite outfit today,” said Heidi. Sofia agreed with her.

Avery’s song was Otis Redding‘s “True a Little Tenderness“. He started slowly and did a rhythmic dance while playing the saxophone. No one thought that Avery would not do such a masterful performance.

Simon was the only person to be seated after Avery continued his performance. But he joined the clapping after standing when Avery finished his exceptional performance.

“an idiot who bullied you, I hope they are watching this audition now. It was like listening to a singer”.

Simon Cowell

 “You touched the hearts of every human in this building. You tell every bully who has bullied you that you have a big brother, Those bullies will see you succeed,” 

Terry Crews

Terry Crews gave his Golden Buzzer to Avery.

What song did Avery Dixon play on the AGT audition?

Avery Dixon played Otis Redding’s “True a Little Tenderness” in America’s Got Talent auditions.


At the Tuesday night live semi-finals, Avery played Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground,” He impressed the audience and judges. Simon Cowell is the one who was most impressed by Avery’s performance.

Don McMillan, Amoukanama, Players Choir, Drake Milligan, and Avery Dixon were the Top 5 acts. According to the public votes, The top two acts will represent the AGT Finale. Avery and singer Drake Milligan were in the top 2 acts. Avery was an AGT 2022 finalist. 

“You young man are already a winner. You have changed your life, you have changed your world, and we love you,” said Howie Mandel.

‘I’m going to predict something, I said this about Carrie Underwood years ago on another show, which is that you are going to be a superstar. ‘I promise you, Avery, everything you dreamed of I actually believe is going to happen.

Simon Cowell at AGT 2022 Semi-Finals


Avery played “Ain’s Nobody by Rufus Chaka Khan in the AGT finals. All judges gave him standing ovations. And also he performed “Higher Ground” with Trombone Shortly

He was unable to get enough votes to select the top five acts. Avery finished the AGT 2022 in the bottom line.

Avery Dixon’s net worth

Avery has an approximate net worth of $50,000. Avery’s saxophone career and influence have brought that income to him.

Avery Dixon’s biography and early life

Avery Dixon is from Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in 2001 and his birthday is still not known.

Dixon got the alias Hammerhead due to his weakened healthiness, which existed from birth.

He was born as a premature child, and he had spent just 24 weeks in the womb. Even after his impossible birth, Avery was just 1lb 8 oz.

Dixon had been schooled at Atlanta Elementary School, and his experience was not good.

Avery was a boy with voice problems. Being bullied is not something to be afraid of. Each person has to get away from that, and the path chosen by Avery Dixon was the saxophone.

Avery Dixon with his mother and Terry Crews
Avery Dixon with his mother and Terry Crews

Family and relationships

The only thing Dixon had got was his family. Dixon’s mother was the closest one in his family; she was there when he was having the most challenging times in his life.

Avery doesn’t have a girlfriend yet.

His words on the AGT stage made it clear that he had no friends in Elementary school either. Soon, he will have developed many skills as he is already a star.

Social Media

Instagram has been the social media resource for Avery. He has uploaded 450 posts, and they say many things about his life.

He posts his career updates, saxophone shows, and stuff on Instagram. The saxophone star has over 24K followers, and the number is increasing.

Facts you love to know about Avery Dixon.

  • Avery Dixon is the first contestant to get the Godden Buzzer in AGT 2022.
  • He is a bullied character who falls mentally ill pretty quickly. He can be the first one on the long list, which could also reach the maximum length in the GAT. Also, he is still moving.
  • Avery was considered dead even after he was born as he weighed just 1lb 8 oz.
  • The contestant is the only person who could grab the attention due to his medical condition and maintain it due to his pure talents.
  • Avery Dixon is just 21 years old and among the cleverest saxophone players in the world.


Where is Avery Dixon from?

Avery Dixon is from Atlanta, Georgia.

Who is the Terry Crews Golden Buzzer on AGT 2022?

Terry Crews is a part of the AGT and acts as the presenter of AGT. Also, he is capable of pressing the Golden Buzzer.

What song did Avery Dixon play on America’s Got Talent?

Avery played Candy Hearts at the AGT.

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