Meet Escape Artists Henry and Klauss Duo from AGT 2022 + Net Worth

on NBC on July 12, 2022, the sixth episode of season 17 of America’s Got Talent (AGT) was aired, starting at 8 pm EDT on Tuesday, July 12. Everyone was riveted to the screen when Henry and Klauss pulled off their heist. For the past 15 years, the artists have been creating this type of artwork and identify to themselves as “brothers of spirits.” To begin with, they were scared to death by the audition, but they were blown away by their lightning-quick getaway.

Escape Artists Henry and Klauss
AGT Escape Artists Henry and Klauss

Henry and Klauss Biography and facts

Henry and Klauss are friends for the last 15 years. They met each other in a performance club. Henry and Klauss have been performing together ever since. They are the greatest modern illusionists in Latin America. The escaped duo used the newest technology to create illusions and magic.


Henry’s full name is Henry Vargas. Henry is a Latin American lives in Brazil. The young Henry is just 30 years in age. He is an illusionist who uses modern technology to perform illusions and magic acts. AGT Henry is working with Klauss for the last 15 years. Vargas is a world record holder. He works as an Ambassador for Brazil on a tour of the United States.


Klauss full name is Klauss Duraes. His nickname is Klauss. Duraes is 29 years old. He is also a Brazilian. AGT Duraes resides in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Klauss works with his partner Henry. AGT Klauss also an illusionist. Klauss is a world record holder and Ambassador for his country, Brazil. He has introduced himself as an International Champion of Magic, Entrepreneur, and Corporate Speaker. Klauss is a Diretor at Illusion- Illusionismo Moderno. Duraes is following Bloom Branding and Cade O Cesinha.

Family and Relationships

Henry and Klauss haven’t provided any information about their families. We’ll let you all know as soon as we find out more about this.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

AGT Henry and Klauss introduce themselves as “brothers of souls” to the AGT audience.  In their performance, they seek the help of modern technology to do illusions and magic tricks. The audience was on the edge of their seats. They performed an escape act where they are handcuffed and attempt to escape from barrels. After a surprising illusion, they are perfectly safe and stay right next to the stunned judges.

The duo gives it their all to impress all three judges and the global audience. Sofia Vergara said, “That was spectacular!”. “That was such a nerve-wracking thing we were all going crazy and it was so funny” she added. All three judges voted “yes”. The escaped duo escape safely to the next round with so many positives.


Henry and Klauss have been performing for more than 15 years and have received numerous national and international honors. They also hold the global record for the most time spent levitating on Avenida Paulista, So Paulo’s busiest thoroughfare, at over four hours. They are a leading figure in New Illusionism and create presentations that cleverly and technologically question the unattainable. Their work has already had an influence on more than 2,500,000 individuals around the world, and they are known for their constant innovation and creativity. They hold world records and show audiences through their performances that nothing is truly impossible with their troupes.

Before the AGT hopefuls made their way to the stage, the judges saw something unusual: a large box had arrived from the back. Henry and Klauss announced themselves as the first escape team and mentioned that they had been buddies for over 15 years. The two first met in a performance club and have been touring together ever since.

Henry and Klauss are Brazilian illusionists that use technology to create a wide range of optical illusions and magic performances. The renowned team holds a world record for floating on one of Sao Paolo’s busiest streets for over four hours. This group has also promoted their country by touring the United States, where they appeared in a number of productions at the Magic Castle nightclub in Hollywood.

Many more records have been set by the “Brazilian worldwide champions of illusionism,” which include levitation and magic. In an interview with G Show, the AGT duo talked about their escapism on television and other platforms.

Henry and Klauss’s Net Worth

There are no exact figures on their net worth. But they are professionals as Illusionists. Surely they earned a considerable amount of money from their acts and performances. We will update you about their net worth in near future.

Social Media

Instagram has more than 17.5K followers for Henry and Klauss’s account. Each of them also maintains a private Twitter account, with Henry having 102,000 followers and Klauss having 96.4,000. Among the subjects covered on their website are advice, escape illusions, class attendance, and going to shows.

More facts about Henry and Klauss

Henry and Klauss are two of Latin America’s most accomplished modern illusionists, relying on cutting-edge technology to create their spellbinding performances. The duo is so well-known in Brazil that they were invited to perform as Brazil’s ambassadors in Magic Castle, Hollywood’s most enigmatic club.

Henry and Klauss, the Brazilian illusionists who hold the world record for levitation, are able to accomplish the unthinkable through their magic and expertise. In an interview with G Show, they claimed, “Our unique work within illusionism is garnering notice and being valued even in the land of David Copperfield, considered the finest illusionist in the world.”

In a statement, “Representing Brazil in any area is always a huge responsibility and honor, but representing Brazil in the biggest illusionist show house in the world is really the fruition of a dream and confirmation that all the effort and attention is worth it.”

Henry and Klauss also shared some details on how they’ve embraced the modern world by trading their decks for tablets and including several technology-related materials into their spells. These have re-ignited the audience and people’s passion for watching illusions again. This movement rekindled public interest in and desired to experience illusionist.”


Although most of  Henry and Klauss’s career facts are in this article, there is nothing much about their personal life, family, and net worth. No information about their relationships. They are the latest duo that tries to use technology to do illusions on the AGT stage. The duo thinks that they can earn the public’s attention and desire again to enjoy illusionism. Wait until their next performance. We will update you with their latest information.


Where are Henry and Klauss from?

The illusionists Henry and Klauss hail from Brazil. They currently hold the world record for the longest time spent levitating.

How old are Henry and Klauss

Henry and Klaus’s ages are unknown to us. We’ll let you know when such information becomes available.

Who are Henry and Klauss?

Henry and Klauss are illusionists.

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