How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a globally widely played casino card game. It entails 52- card decks and players ranging from 2 to 7. It is a highly random game with the only required skill being a probability. Nevertheless, people have said the game is an interesting mix of skill and luck.

Blackjack can be played both at traditional casinos and online casinos. Online casinos incorporate the use of live dealer blackjack with real human dealers, cards, and tables. The players then connect to the dealers via live HD video streaming. This allows you to see all hands dealt in real-time. Here, we discuss how to play blackjack.

Things To Note About Blackjack

The objective is to have a hand of cards adding up to the value “21” or close enough but not beyond and players play against the dealer.  Here are some things to note about blackjack.

1. The blackjack table layout

The blackjack table is usually semicircular with the live dealer behind the table and the players on the other side. Before the game commences, players place their bets in chips at the designated portions.

2. The bet currency

Players can’t play the games with a cash bet. Their cash must initially be exchanged for the base worth in chips which are the only currency allowed. In traditional casinos, the cash is exchanged at a designated table. Online casinos on the other hand will usually have you pay online then give your deposit’s worth in chips. Maximum and minimum values are then ascertained on the betting.

3. Manner of play

After placing all bets, the dealer deals a card out faced-up to each player in a clockwise succession. One to themself faced-up also, then another round of faced-up clockwise dealt cards to each player. Finally, the dealer takes one card face-down. Altogether, each player has two cards face-up, while the dealer has one face-up and another faced-down.

Rules of Gameplay

If the two cards dealt out to any player sum up to 21, it is called a “blackjack” or a “natural”. If any player gets a natural and the dealer does not, the dealer immediately gives to the player one and a half times their bet. If both a player and a dealer get a natural, the player takes back his chips as a stalemate outcome. Likewise, if the dealer gets a natural but the player doesn’t, the dealer claims the bet chips. 

The dealer is allowed to peek at the card facing down if the one card face-up is a “10” card or an Ace. This is to determine if the dealer gets a “natural”. The face-down card is only revealed when it is a blackjack. To play, the player to the left starts first and decides on one of two options. To “stand” which means to not ask for another card or to “hit” meaning to ask for another card dealt. This is done in hopes of the player’s cards totaling “21” or coming close. This manner is repeated to other players as the dealer moves to the next on his left.

The game ends when both sides have decided to have played their hands completely. At the end of the game, players who go bust lose their wager. If the dealer’s cards sum over “21” the dealer pays players who stood the value of their bets. If the dealer’s cards sum to “21” or less, they pay to players having a higher total not exceeding “21” and collect the bets of those lower than “21”. A stalemate means no chips are lost or gained. 

Final thoughts

Blackjack has several varying rules. This will affect how the game of Blackjack is played. On that note, there are several strategies players employ to play the game. Learning about strategies that work for you will prove effective.

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