What Happened to Andrei Burton in AGT 2024?

Best known for his extreme biking stunts and breaking multiple Guinness World Records.

Age (at audition)38 Years
Home TownDevonshire, England
ActExtreme Biker
Position ReachedAdvanced to the next round

Andrei Burton is a 38-year-old extreme biker from Devonshire, England. He impressed the judges on America’s Got Talent Season 19 with his daring stunts. His audition left the audience and judges in amazement, sending him to the next round with 4 Yes votes.


Andrei is coming from Devonshire. He is a professional mountain bike trials rider. He is well known for his record-breaking feats and aims to inspire the next generation of cyclists. Before his AGT performance, Andrei had already made a name for himself in extreme sports, participating in various international competitions and breaking several Guinness World Records.

Some of his records include the most bike jumps between two platforms in one minute and the highest 360-degree drop on a bike. Andrei loves biking and wants to inspire others. He has competed on many big stages, including Britain’s Got Talent, where his daring acts amazed the audience.

Andrei Burton Biography 

Andrei Burton is a 37-year-old extreme biker from Devonshire, England. He is famous for his amazing bike stunts and has broken several Guinness World Records.

Real Name Andrei Burton
BirthplaceDevonshire, England
ProfessionMountain Bike Trials rider
Andrei Burton – Bio

Family & Relationships

Andrei Burton prefers to keep his personal life private. There is limited information available about his family and relationships.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


In AGT series 19 , Andrei Burton performed an extreme biking routine both outside and inside the theater. He rode down a flaming apparatus to Smash Mouth’s “I’m A Believer” and Heart’s “Barracuda.” His thrilling performance earned a impressive “Yes” votes from all four judges, advancing him to the next round.

You are like a one man BMX show”


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Andrei Burton’s incredible talent and daring stunts have made him a standout contestant on America’s Got Talent Season 19. With a background in breaking world records and thrilling performances, he’s ready to inspire many and leave a lasting impression on the AGT stage.

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