Where is Lightwave Theatre Company Now? | Net worth, Relationships and More about AGT Star

Lightwave Theatre Company is a puppeteer acting group from Romania that participated in the America’s Got Talent season 15 in 2020. They were such a fabulous team with their talents on handling human-sized puppets and presenting well on the show. Unfortunately, they got eliminated from the finals on AGT, but they’ve got the chance to shine among thousands of people around the world after participating AGT 2020. Now they are a more popular puppetry team performs hundreds of shows almost everyday in theatres. Their ages and net worth is not known and here are some more facts about them.

Biography & Early Life

Before participating the AGT 2020, they were performing on theatres at national and international levels with their unique stage plays named, “Reflection”, “Lover physics”, “It’s me, Annabel” and “The little prince”. They have even won the golden buzzer at the Romania’s Got Talent show in 2015.

Known AsLightwave Theatre Company
Age RangeNot known
ProfessionVisual Theatre Company

What happened to Lightwave Theatre Company in AGT?

Lightwave Theatre Company did a spectacular performance at the auditions on the AGT stage with an emotional song and they took the puppetry art to another level showing how technology also can be used to improve it. Without any hassle they got selected straightaway to the quarterfinals.

In the quarterfinals they shared an emotional puppet show that was about COVID 19 and that was a message to the world “Be there for each other”. Every judge of the panel were satisfied about their act except Howie Mandel, that he brought out the fact that this act was no different from the previous one and he needed a change. Anyways, the team was not able to go to the semifinals as they didn’t get enough votes.

What is Lightwave Theatre Company doing now?

“We like to give hope to people with the stories we are presenting on stage”, this is what they mentioned in the AGT contest. Still they are following the same morale at the performance art theatre making fabulous acts for the people around the world. They choreograph most beautiful and meaningful puppet shows for the audiences that come to watch their shows.

Lightwave Theatre Company net worth

Their net worth is not available publicly and they haven’t shared the information related to their earnings anywhere. However, it is said that they are earning through showcasing stunning puppetry shows and hundreds of people come buy tickets to witness these worthwhile performances.

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Lightwave Theatre Company is a puppetry art performing organization with talented artist who make meaningful puppet shows. They have human- sized puppets to depict different life situations that people experience and through that they try to give a good message to the audiences. They participated the AGT season 15 in 2020 and became quarterfinalists on the show.


Is Lightwave Theatre Company still performing?

Yes. They are still performing on stage shows. Through the performing arts organization they organize stunning puppet shows and perform them on different stages around world.

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