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Meet AGT Watcher Maddison Taylor Baez Who won Golden Buzzer

Meet AGT Watcher Maddison Taylor Baez Who won Golden Buzzer

Maddison Taylor Baez is a young lady on American’s Got Talent in 2022. She is just 11 years of Age. She got the chance to sing from the audience during the break. She used that opportunity incredibly and surprised all. Simon Cowell prompts her to come to the stage. Suddenly she got a chance to do her audition.

Her unique and dynamic singing shocked the Judges. Howie Mandel used his Golden Buzzer to send Maddison directly to the live show in AGT’s second episode of the season. Within twenty-four hours, her impressive audition is circulating all over the internet.

Maddison Taylor Baez Biography

Maddison Taylor AGT is 11 years of age. She lives in Orange country, Yorba Linda, California, USA. Maddison is very popular in America as the National Anthem girl. Because she performed the National Anthem during the Laker’s match. She was born on 24th February 2010 in California. Her ethnicity is Hispanic. Pisces is the Zodiac sign.

She is studying at Lower Merion High School. Also, she has studied music at Molly Music School, California. She is getting training in vocals from an American songwriter, Heidi Rojas.  She is a very cute lady with approximately 30kg weight. The young lady is just four feet and six inches. Her favorite film is Avengers.

Maddison Taylor singing in commercial break in AGT
Maddison Taylor singing in commercial break in AGT

Family and Relationships

Her father’s name is Chris Baez. He is the person who manages Maddison’s work. She loves her dad a lot. Her dad has been diagnosed with Stage four Colon Cancer for the last nine years. Generally, after the diagnosis, she sang to her father throughout his hospital period. Even after several surgeries, and chemo sessions.

He is a big fan of his daughter. He enjoyed every moment of her daughter’s music in any place. It’s very clear that Madison’s voice is very strong. Maddison’s voice gives her father the strength to fight against cancer every single day. Baez mother name is Mary Baez. Her pet dog’s name is Jax.  

Maddison Taylor Baez's father Chris Baez
Maddison Taylor Baez’s father Chris Baez

What happened at American’s Got Talent?

Maddison Taylor Baez, recently came to watch America’s Got Talent. She came with her dad. Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara were the respective judges. During the commercial break, Maddison got the chance to sing in the studio audience. After the performance, she said “I’m the biggest fan there could be of AGT” and here I am,” she says.

Simon was impressed and invited her to sing on the stage. After her amazing vocals, Cowell said the contestant was a one-of-a-kind talent.

She is a kind-hearted girl. She says she would donate the 1$ million prizes to cancer research if she wins. She added that her dad has been a cancer patient for the past nine years. Howie Mandel was inspired a lot by her performance. Eventually, Mandel decided to hit the Golden Buzzer. Baez’s eyes were full of tears.

What happened to Madison Taylor Baez in the AGT semi-finals?

In the live semi-finals, Madison sang “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood and it impressed AGT judges and the audience. Howie Mandel said, “after this performance your control for your age you brought yourself a higher love, I love you”.

everybody thought this was rigged your Golden Buzzer, the truth is I was outside I always run away when people are singing in the break because they are terrible and I actually heard your voice I thought oh at least someone’s good. So everything that happened was genuine I had no idea what terry did. You’ve got steel in your eyes because you really want this”.

She was in the top five acts but was unable to get enough votes to select the AGT finale 2022. She was eliminated in the semi-finals.


Maddison’s dad introduced her to music at the age of three. Then she learned to play piano and tried to develop her singing skills. She practiced hundreds of songs and trained her voice. She is a singer and actress by profession.

Madison made her television debut in 2019. She acts in the American short film “The Tooth Racket” as a girl. She has been on Netflix since 2020. She acted in the role of young Selena Quintanilla in the drama. She was the queen of Tejano music and an iconic Mexican-American pop star.

Later, Maddison earned lots of praise for her portrayal. She was the only cast member who sang her own songs in both English and Spanish. Maddison released her debut album, Blingle Bells in 2020. Her album consists of 11 songs. She sang Blinger Bells in 2021 at Universal Citywalk Hollywood.

Madison Taylor Baez AGT Social Media

Maddison Taylor made her Netflix debut in the year 2020 with Selena the Series. Her performance on the AGT’s stage became very famous. It is getting viral and more than 2.8 million views have been viewed. Baez has a YouTube channel called Madison Taylor Baez with 5.86 subscribers. She has uploaded 83 videos to it.

You can find Baez on Instagram as @madisonbaezmusic. 39.8K followers on Instagram. She has uploaded 682 posts to it. Madison is maintaining her Facebook page as Madison Taylor Baez. 6.7k followers are there with her.

Maddison Taylor Baez in Americas Got Talent
Maddison Taylor Baez in Americas Got Talent

Maddison Taylor Baez Net Worth

There are no exact figures on her net worth. But she was on national commercials like McDonald’s, Walmart, Fujifilm, and so on. So, Maddison Taylor Baez estimated net worth comes to around $ 150K.


Although most of Maddison’s career facts are in this article, there is nothing much about her net worth. She is just 11 years old, and she will reveal more things in the future. But Some of the fans said the decision was unfair and it is premeditated. Because Maddison is an actress and a singer who has sung in music projects. Also, fans pointed out that she has a considerable fan base on social media too. However, we will update you with the latest information.


Where is from Maddison Taylor?

She is from Orange country, California, United States America

Is Madison Taylor Baez Hispanic?

Yes, her ethnicity is Hispanic.

How old is Maddison Taylor Baez?

Maddison Taylor Baez is just 11 years in age.  

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