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Optic Bigtymer Net Worth & Interesting Facts

<strong>Optic Bigtymer Net Worth & Interesting Facts</strong>

Former Call of Duty player OpTic BigTymeR is well-known in the world of sports. He has a net worth of around 1.5 Million USD as of 2023. In 2014, he declared his retirement from competitive gaming; however, he continued to play for teams like Optic Gaming and Xtravagant Gaming.

The awards and applause he has received as a player have been tremendous.

Optic Bigtymer Biography & Early Life

Will Johnson is his real name, and he was born and raised in Marked Tree, Arkansas, USA. He was born on July 3rd, 1991, and attended school and college in the same spot throughout his life.

Before becoming an experienced Call of Duty player. He’s always interested in numerous types of games and other forms of entertainment, which led him to get involved in this field. Let’s look at the beginning of his professional career and a few more things now.

Family and relationship

No information is revealed about Optic Bigtymer’s parents. At one point, he lived in Chicago with the OpTic gaming crew. He was born in Marked Tree. Optic Bigtymer had a sister when he was growing up.

OpTic BigTymer is married to Alex Johnson after dating for years.


In terms of his Call of Duty career, it all began in 2009 with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. He was well renowned for his prowess in the game Xtravagant, which he played under the alias “IXI.”

Afterward, he won the MLG National Championship in 2009 because of his achievement. While things were going well, he had the idea of working with Rambo again on a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game, which prompted him to switch teams and join OpTic Gaming.

While playing Black Ops, he was observed chatting with players like ProoFy, Rambo, and MerK about other OpTic titles, such as Modern Warfare 2. With this team, he earned 400K USD; however, after that, he decided to switch teams and play Modern Warfare 3. After that, he was observed making a quick transfer to a new team, including Scump and MerK, to play a new game called NaDeSHoT.

At the UMG Philadelphia in 2014, he came up with another and claimed that this would be his final game.  After announcing his retirement for the 2014 season, he appeared in the final game of his career, Major League Baseball. There are a number of different businesses in which he has invested his time after retiring. A trading company named GreenWallst was formed by him and handles shares.

Optic Bigtymer and his wife Alexandra Spiegel
Optic Bigtymer and his wife Alexandra Spiegel

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Social media

Optic Bigtymer has more than 150K followers on Twitch. And he has 615.5K Twitter followers, 726K subscribers on YouTube, and 163k followers on Instagram.

Optic Bigtymer Net Worth

Optic Bigtymer is one of YouTube’s wealthiest personalities. IMDb and Wikipedia estimate his net worth at around $1.5 million based on our examination of several online resources.


What is optic Bigtymer’s real name?

BigTymeR’s real name is Will Johnson

How old is Optic Bigtymer?

He is 31 years old as of 2023.

He is 31 years old as of 2022

He is 191 cm tall.