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Michel Janse Net Worth, New Boyfriend & Latest News

Michel Janse is an American actress who has recently appeared in a few movies. She recently got married, and her divorce from ex-husband Brook Smith was a controversial news. Michel Janse’s new boyfriend is Jordy Scary and currently her net worth is about 800,000 USD as of 2023.

This article will explain more facts about Michel Janse’s biography, net worth, and the latest update about her relationships.

Michel Janse Biography & Early Life

Michel Janse was born on 19th March 1997, and she is 25 years old now. She spent her childhood in Boerne, where she was born. Michel got her education in Texas but has not revealed the names of her schools and universities.

Michel’s height is 5′ 7″ (1.7 m), which was an excellent reason to become an actress. Michel’s birth sign is Pisces.

When considering her food habits, she is a non-vegetarian who also brings her experience through her social media videos. 

Family and relationships

Four members of her family are her mother, father, sister, and herself. They are featured in Michel’s Instagram posts.

She was married to Brook Smith, and now they are divorced. After a few months of her divorce, she is dating Jordy Scary, a musician living in a van.

Michel Janse ex-husband brook Smith
Michel’s ex-husband brook Smith

Michel Janse’s ex-husband

The star was a famous character in social media and Hollywood for a long time due to her work on several platforms. But she had not dated anyone until she married Brooke Smith. However, it ended up in a divorce.

Michel Janse describes her story behind the divorce from her ex-husband

Michel Janse now has a boyfriend!

Micheel uploaded a video on her channel on 25th July 2022 titled “Q+A | MEET THE BOYFRIEND: Asking Jordy Your Questions about Dating, Divorce, Long Distance + More”.

In that video, she introduces her new boyfriend, Jordy Searcy, to the fans. Jordy will be 28 years old in 2022 and 29 in January 2023. He is a musician and lives in a van.

Everyone knows him as Jordy Searcy, but his real name is George Stuard Cersei. Jordy is 6 feet in height and Christian in religion.

I’d like you to meet Jordy. We had a first date in March and it was sweet and fun so we have decided to keep it up.

Michel janse
Michel Janse boyfriend Jordy Searcy

How much is Michel Janse’s net worth in 2023?

Michel Janse’s net worth is about 800,000 USD. Michel’s social media influence, YouTube Revenue, and acting career have brought this income to her.

Michel has an online store where she sells dresses, accessories, and items use by women. That brings some part of her income as well.

However, some social media accounts have provided the path to this store. It means it’s also a part of her social media influence.


Michel has two dedicated careers: an actress and an influencer who is popular on social media. However, Michel’s education has not helped her with her career as she has a nutrition and dietetics degree. 

She has been acting since 2015. Stage V (2016), My All-American (2015), and Cupid’s Match (2018) are the movies she is known for.

The movie, My All-American (2015) was among the most successful films she contributed to. Although the actress had not got a lead role, her role brought many positives. 

Michel has appeared on several television episodes and commercials in addition to social media.

Social media

Her Instagram profile is filled with posts like her lifestyle, featured media, and upcoming events. Now it has more than 45K followers.

She has 32K followers, and 1.2M likes on TikTok. She mostly posts the usual stuff on TikTok.

Her YouTube is the most successful platform, with 169K subscribers.


How much does Michel Janse earn monthly?

Michel has an average income of $1000 per month.

Is Michel Janse married?

No, she has just divorced her husband and now dating with new boyfriend.

How old is Michel Janse?

She is 25 years old.

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