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The Cottage Fairy Paola Merrill net worth 2024, Biography & latest facts of her lifestyle

The person behind The Cottage Fairy is Paola Merrill. She also has a nickname: ‘Paolita’.She is a multi-talented artist, educator, and YouTuber. Paola Merrill was born on December 5, 1997, and currently, she is 27 years old as of 2024.

Paola has a net worth of $770,000 as of 2024. Currently, she lives in Okanogan County, Washington, with her husband.

Merrill gives viewers a glimpse into her idyllic rural life in Northeastern Washington State. Her videos mix the cottage core aesthetic, a little of ASMR, and exercises in mindfulness. During troubling times of pandemic fear and impending winter weather, her meditative, meadow-centered postings are precisely what we need to relax and de-stress.

lessons on living with abundance while living simply.

Paola Merill

What is The Cottage Fairy?

The Cottage Fairy is a YouTube channel. It’s the Cottage Fairy, a symbol of beauty, peace of mind, and simplicity. When you watch a video by The Cottage Fairy, time seems to stand still. Flower power is everywhere in her films, and they appear in every single vlog.

The Cottage Fairy’s Net Worth 2024 and How She Makes Money?

More than 1.51 million people subscribed to TheCottageFairy’s American YouTube channel. TheCottageFairy’s YouTube channel makes $7200 a month as of March 2024.

The Cottage Fairy generates her full-time income through various channels. She earns money from YouTube advertising revenue, receives PayPal donations with postcards as a token of appreciation, incorporates Amazon affiliate links into her videos, and sells products on her Etsy store. With this income, her net worth has reached $770,000 by 2024, factoring in the value of her home, land, car, and online business. Despite past financial struggles and anxiety, Paola has found stability through the growth of her YouTube channel and by learning valuable finance tips from the platform.

Paola Merrill’s Biography and Early Life

As a 27-year-old Puerto Rican American, she’s a self-described bibliophile and daydreamer, an exceptionally gifted artist. Paola Merrill enjoys the simple life in rural Washington State in a beautiful tiny cottage. She has been here for about two years.

Cottage Fairy has lived in Cuba, Italy, and Ireland and has a degree in English literature from the University of Dublin. A year in one area would be too long for someone who has always been blessed with the ability to travel around.

After graduating from university, she took some teaching courses and found that she was getting bored. However, she found city life too much for her introverted nature and left her employment as a book vendor in the city. She applied for a position as a preschool teacher in Northeastern Washington and relocated once she was hired.

When she discovered how much more time and space she had for creation, she decided to launch a YouTube channel. Aside from wanting to work in a more creative setting, she was drawn to this one because of how well it fit her personality.

What if she could find a new approach to promote her Etsy shop? Videotaping her creative process seems like a fun idea. It dawned on me how much she enjoys making videos and how gorgeous her surroundings are. The fact that she’s now making videos for YouTube was not a conscious decision on her part; it just happened.

Real NamePaola Merrill 
ProfessionArtist, Writer, YouTuber.
Birth Date5 December 1997
Zodiac SignCapricorn
BirthplaceUnited States
Lives inUnited States
EthnicityPuerto Rican 
Net Worth$770k
HeightNot Found
WeightNot Found
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBrown
Father NameBarth Merrill
Mother NameCarmen Merrill
SiblingsRohan Merrill 

Family and Relationships

Paola Merrill parents Carmen and Barth
Paola Merrill’s parents Carmen and Barth

Paola’s father is a Washington native who served in the Navy. However, she was raised as a military kid and spent much of her childhood away from her family’s home base. As a result of her father’s service in the Navy, they had to relocate frequently.

Her siblings are Rohan Merrill, a younger brother, and Liana, an older sister. Liana is a martial artist, and Paola Merrill’s brother Rohan is a YouTuber who goes by Letters from Ro.

Paola Merrill and her sister Liana
Paola Merrill and her sister Liana

Paola Merrill husband

If you have her videos on you may have seen Paola Merrill’s boyfriend Luke in several videos. Cottage Fairy married Luke on the 21st of May 2022. Paola Merrill and Luke moved to a new house after their marriage.


Paola Merrill, The Cottage Fairy, is a Washington state-based artist and educator. She and her partner, a fluffy rabbit named Mr. Darcy, and a black Labrador dog named Aegir went to the remote outskirts of Washington State to work at an alternative preschool.

As a preschool teacher, Paola’s major occupation is to paint and press flowers, and she even has a dyeing studio in her home.

TheCottageFairyArt is her Etsy shop, where she sells her artwork on the weekends and throughout the week. They are delicate, whimsical pieces of art, and Paola’s topics are mostly woodland creatures like rabbits, foxes, and wildflowers, as well as fairies and acorns.

Paola’s remote Washington lifestyle includes no access to wireless internet. As a result of the lack of internet reception in her home, Paola claims that she regularly downloads audiobooks and television series so that she may watch them when she is at home.

It’s not a problem for Paola, though, as she argues that her lack of internet connectivity enhances her connection to nature and creativity on her YouTube channel.

Paola’s YouTube channel, TheCottageFairy, has some of the most calming and enchanting films. She narrates tales of her cottage-style adventures in the Washington woods between boiling herbal tea and pressing flowers. Her movies are both instructional and evocative of the tranquility of her cabin.

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Social Media

The Cottage Fairy Paola Merrill and her husband Luke on their wedding day
The Cottage Fairy Paola Merrill and her husband Luke on their wedding day


It’s time to remind yourself that Paola is a human being doing the best she can after nearly a year of weekly material. Even though she portrays a state of serenity and inner peace that we all strive for, she faces the same difficulties that the rest of us do. She opens her heart to us when she reflects on herself and shares some of those experiences.


How old is Paola Merrill from The Cottage Fairy?

She is 28 years old as of 2024 and Puerto Rican-born American woman.

Where does Paola Merrill live as TheCottageFairy?

You may wonder what is the Cottage Fairy YouTube location. She lives in Okanogan County, Washington. So, she runs her YouTube channel from Okanogan.

Is Paola Merrill married?

Paola got engaged to Luke in 2021, and they will marry in May 2022. On the 23rd of May 2022, she uploaded her wedding photos.

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