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Preston playz net worth -How Much is the Minecraft Sensation Worth

Preston playz net worth -How Much is the Minecraft Sensation Worth

Preston Blaine Arsement is 28 years with a net worth of $25 Million, popularly known as PrestonPlayz. He is a well-known YouTube star as well as an American professional athlete. He also owns the popular channels PrestonPlaz ‘,’ PrestonGamez, ” Preston, ‘and’ TBNRfrags.’ PrestonPlayz’s wife’s name is Brianna Paige Arsement, and they both live happily together in Texas.

We all know how to stream several major sports, including Preston, Minecraft, and Fortnite. He plays against his friends. Their friends are leading celebrities in the field, including JeromeASF, BajanCanadian, and Noochm.

Preston Blaine Arsement Net worth 

The net worth of PrestonPlayz is expected to reach $ 25 million by 2023. His primary sources of income include YouTube revenue and various brand sponsorships. In addition to YouTube, the live stream often appears on other sports platforms such as ‘twitch,’ and the excellent dollar contributes to Preston’s net worth.

He has previously become the sixth highest-paid person on YouTube.

 In 2020, he became the sixth-largest YouTube character with a revenue of $ 19 million.

Preston Blaine Arsement YouTube Carrier

Preston was one of the most popular YouTube players on July 4, 2012, through his YouTube channel Preston. In 2012, he began publishing videos. By May 2023, it had successfully acquired 14.3 million subscribers. From his YouTube channel PrestonPlayz, his monthly income from YouTube is slated to be between $25.2k-$402.8k, and his yearly income is slated to be between $302.1k-$4.8m, according to Social Blade. He mostly uploads vlogging and TikTok challenge content. His yearly income from that channel is estimated to be $107.4k-$1.7m. 

His first video received an average of 1,093,020 views. He initially got positive and favorable views on his channel, and the audiences have requested various types of videos. That’s how he posts multiple videos on Minecraft.

He has posted various types of videos and sports videos to entertain the audience. His most viewed video was uploaded to his YouTube 3 months ago. 

Because over 5.3 million people have viewed the video “World’s MOST Viewed Minecraft Shorts EVER”. His channel’s challenging video, “Eating the same food color 24 hours a day!”. There are more than 25 million visitors.

Preston Blaine Arsement YouTube Channels

Preson gets high responses from fans on every track. And also, he has had many successes on other YouTube sports channels.

Prestonplayz Professional

Preston began his career with his own YouTube channel. 

In 2010 he started his channel TBNRfrags. Then in 2012 ‘PrestonPlayz.’ He and his friends, well-known athletes JeromeASF, BajanCanadian, and Noochm did various sports disciplines under the headings of Minecraft and Fortnite.

Preston Blaine Arsement Biography

Preston Blaine was born on May 4, 1994, and he will be 29 years old by May 2023. He was born and raised in Texas, USA. He is an American by nationality and professes Christianity.

Known as / NicknamePrestonplayz
Real name / Full namePreston Blaine Assessment
Birthday4 May 1994
BirthplaceTexas, USA
Zodiac signTaurus
Height5 Feet and 9 Inches
Weightapprox. 67 kg
ProfessionSocial media personality and gamer
SchoolLocal School, Texas, USA
UniversityTravis Academy of Fine Arts, Texas, USA
Preston Blaine Arsement
Preston Blaine Arsement

Preston Blaine Arsement Family and Relationships

Prestonplayz father’s name is David Arsement, and he is a businessman by profession. His mother is Mrs. J. Arsement, a realtor by work. Preston has five siblings in his family. Keeley Arsement, Caleb Arsement, Joshua Arsement, Dhaka Arsement, and David Arsement.

FatherDavid Arsement
MotherJ. Arsement
SiblingsSister: Keeley Arsement
Brother: Caleb Arsement
Brother: Joshua Arsement
Brother: Dhaka Arsement
Brother: David Arsement
Marital statusMarried
WifeBrianna Paige Arsement
Prestonplayz with his family
Prestonplayz with his family

Preston Blaine Arsement Wife and Children.

He married Brianna in May 2018. The couple enjoys their family life very much and lives happily. The couple first met in October 2017. He has done several question-and-answer videos and blogs with his wife and family on his main channel.

How old is Preston’s wife?

Preston Blaine Arsement wife was born on January 2, 1994. Brianna is now 29 years old. Her YouTube channel also has over 9.16 million subscribers. She has also become a social media star with her own Brianna YouTube channel. Brianna works as a nurse by profession and enjoys singing and acting. She is also passionate about Preston’s YouTube job.

 Preston Blaine Arsement with his wife Brianna
Preston Blaine Arsement with his wife Brianna

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PrestonPlayz social media

PrestonPlayz is a well-known social media personality. He works on various media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. But he does not have a Facebook account. 

He manages the Preston drama on Instagram and has thousands of fan supporters. His Twitter account Preston has over 1.8 million followers.

Preston Blaine Arsement with his brother
Preston Blaine Arsement with his brother


What is Preston Blaine Arsement wife age?

You may wonder how old is Prestonplayz wife 2023. Preston’s wife Brianna Paige Arsement was born on the 2nd of January 1994 and now she is 29 years old as of 2023.

Does Preston and Brianna have a baby in real life?

Yes, both of them together have a kid named Preston English Hall.

Did Preston and Brianna divorce?

Preston and Brienna are not divorced. it is a rumor only.

How much is Preston and Brianna net worth?

Both of them have a net worth of $ 25 million as of 2023.

Does prestonplayz have a tattoo?

On May 2 2013 Preston has Tweet as “I should also get #TBNR tattooed on my left cheek”. But according to our research Preston doesn’t have a tattoo yet.

Does prestonplayz play roblox?

Yes, Preston plays Roblox. Preston fans love to know what is Prestonplayz Roblox username 2022. His username is PrestonPlayz.

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