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Kiwi Grower AKA The Kalem Berntsen Net Worth, Girlfriend & Latest News

Kiwi Grower AKA The Kalem Berntsen Net Worth, Girlfriend & Latest News

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Kiwi Grower is a New Zealand gardener and you tuber. He has a company called TheKiwiGrower Limited, registered in New Zealand, but he has only released his net worth on youtube, which is $79,000. Kiwi Grower‘s girlfriend is Caroline, and she appears his youtube.

Who is Kalem Berntsen?

Kalem is a passionate gardener, who is willing to try just about anything at once, but he particularly enjoys cultivating exotic fruit trees and unique culinary plants. He frequently experiments with growing, so he’ll share his successes and errors with you in the hope that you’ll learn from them and give it a go!

It is Kalem‘s dream to transform his grass paddock in New Zealand into an abundant, nutrient-rich culinary paradise, and he hopes you will join him on this adventure!

The Coromandel lifestyle block where he grew up had a wide variety of animals, including sheep, quails, and fish, and he was always fascinated by caring for them. At Unitec, Berntsen earned a certificate in animal management and specialized in caring for captive wild fauna.

Following his student experience at Auckland Zoo, he received an offer of employment in November 2012 after completing more voluntary work.

As a child, Kalem was fascinated with flora. Nature has always been an important part of his life because of his upbringing on the Coromandel Peninsula near the surfboard and forest. Initially, he was drawn to succulents and cacti due to their ease of propagation; all it took was a single leaf to produce a full-grown plant.

Then, once his family constructed a wildlife pond, he became fascinated with fish and other aquatic plants. When he was a teenager, he became fascinated with fruit trees and the cultivation of odd and rare varieties of produce.

Who is Kalem berntsen partner?

His girlfriend Caroline works as Kiwi Grower’s partner. She has joined his youtube channel on many occasions for their experiences regarding fruits.

The Kiwi Grower Family and relationships

Kalem has not revealed anything about his parents, siblings, girlfriend or even if he is married or dating anyone. He is a character who protected his piracy most of the time.

Kalem Berntsen from The Kiwi Grower
Kalem Berntsen from The Kiwi Grower


At the age of 19, Kalem Berntsen began filming videos. If you’ve ever wondered how to produce your own fruit from seed, this guy decided to try his hand. It worked, it sprouted, and he hadn’t seen anything about people monitoring coconut growth online before.

An unexpectedly popular video let him connect with other gardeners throughout the globe. When Kalem realized he had more to grow, he chose to keep posting. As a pleasant way to share his interests, it didn’t feel like a deliberate effort on my part. He has always been an artist as far back as I can remember.

A video in which he grows bottle gourds, and avocado seed-starting video, and one in which he grows plants from fruit seeds from the supermarket are among his most popular. Those films spread to a new audience, and they began to search for and view his older ones as well.

Upon moving to the city, he left YouTube for good and obtained a job at the city’s zoo as a keeper. It was only when he returned five years later that the channel’s audience was still in place. It wasn’t long before people started commenting on his films, claiming that my early videos had inspired them to start gardening and that they were now working in horticulture.

People were blown away by the effect of his amateur movies, which he made for fun. Many of the participants have received a lot of excellent comments.

Social Media

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TheKiwiGrower Net Worth

The Kiwi Grower net worth is projected to be between $19.5k and $37k, based on their average profits per video of $312 to $854. For example, monthly views, country of origin, subscribers, and user engagement are all taken into account when calculating the net worth.

These factors lead us to believe that TheKiwiGrower‘s YouTube channel earns $275 and $754 every month.


How old is Kalem from The Kiwi Gower?

TheKiwiGrower age is 30 years.

What is the kiwi grower real name?

TheKiwiGrower name is Kalem Berntsen

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