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Here is Everything you need to know about Rosie Maio

I have watched an exciting YouTube channel, Rosie Maio, for the past few weeks. She is uploading videos about traveling vlogs, lifestyle, and fashion. Rosie uploaded her first video titled “mini vlog: a peaceful spring day in nature” on 21 May 2021. Now she has over 166K subscribers and 9 million views in a short time.

This article is a quick look at Rosie Maio’sMaio’s biography, family and relationships, net worth, and facts you love to know.

Rosie Maio Biography and early life

Rosie is 24 years old Youtuber from Italy. She was born in northern Italy (In the region of Veneto), but her birthday is not disclosed to public domains yet.

Now she is living in Italy and has been living in Toronto, Canada, since she was 19. She uploaded a video titled “vlog: quitting my job and going back to Italy” on 17 May 2022, before she moved back to Italy from Canada.

Rosie Maio
Rosie Maio

Family and relationships

Rosie is from Veneto, Italy. Her mom is from Moldova, a tiny country in Eastern Europe, and her father is from Calabria, Italy.

That’s what we can find out about her family; she has not yet revealed her siblings or boyfriend in public.

Indeed, she is not married yet; maybe she is dating someone. We would update this content if she disclosed that.

Social media

Rosie Maio is active on YouTube and Instagram. You already know she has subscribers on YouTube, over 166k, but she is not so active on Instagram.

Rosie Maio’s net worth

Rosie has not revealed her net worth and enrings yet. We will update this content when it comes to the public. 

Rosie Maio facts you love to know

  • Rosie’s age is 24.
  • Rosie’s Instagram only has 12 posts, and she is on @rosie.maio on Instagram.
  • She was born in Italy.

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