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Rosie Maio | Age, Net Worth, Family, and latest news

Rosie Maio | Age, Net Worth, Family, and latest news

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Rosie Maio is a 25-year-old Italian YouTuber, who posts content about her traveling experiences, lifestyle, and fashion on her YouTube channel. Rosie uploaded her first video titled “Mini vlog: a peaceful spring day in Nature” on 21 May 2021. Now she has over 358K subscribers and over 1 million views in a majority of her videos.

Rosie has an estimated net worth of 200,000 USD. Rosie has her parents and a little sister as a part of her family. Her parents are both European whereas her mother is from Moldova and her father is from Italy.

This article will take you through Rosie Maio’s biography, family and relationships, net worth, and facts you love to know. In writing this article we have collected information from her YouTube channel and other social media profiles.

Rosie Maio
Rosie Maio

How much is Rosie Maio’s net worth?

Rosie has an estimated net worth of 200,000 USD and she earns her income mainly by creating content on YouTube. Additionally, she might have other revenue streams including sponsored content and product sales. But that sort of income is still unknown.

Rosie Maio Biography and early life

Rosie is a 25-year-old Youtuber who was born in Veneto, a region in Northern Italy. She was born in 1998 and her birthdate is not revealed to the public. She moved to Canada at the age of 19 to find herself and to achieve something new. Yet after some time, she returned to Italy as it did not work out the way she thought it would. She announced her return to Italy on March 2023.

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Family and relationships

Rosie is from Veneto, Italy. Her mom is from Moldova, a tiny country in Eastern Europe, and her father is from Calabria, Italy. Her mother owns a restaurant in the city of Padova, Italy.

She has a younger sister named “Marty” and she made a visit to Canada in December last year to spend time with Rosie. It was her sister’s first time in Canada. Her grandmother from her mother’s side still lives in Moldova and her grandmother from her father’s side still lives in Italy. She uploads content about her occasional visits to them on her YouTube.

She revealed her boyfriend who lives in Italy in one of her videos where he assists Rosie in making an Italian dish.

Rosie Maio Restaurant

The restaurant is located in Padova, Italy. The restaurant is owned by her mother, but both her father and mother are involved in running the business. This restaurant was bought by her parents about 10 years ago to pursue her mother’s passion for cooking. This spacious restaurant is open for lunch and various events.

They bought a second restaurant a couple of years ago but the location is still not revealed. However, Rosie mentions that dishes typically range from 10 to 25 euros.

Social media

She is active on YouTube and Instagram. She has over 358k subscribers on YouTube.

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Rosie Maio facts you love to know

  • Rosie’s age is 25.
  • Rosie’s Instagram has over 14k followers.
  • She was born in Italy.

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