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Nicki Positano Age | Real Name| Net Worth & Latest Facts

Nicki Positano Age | Real Name| Net Worth & Latest Facts

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Nicki Positano is a professional English makeup artist and YouTuber from England. Her real name is Nicki Storey and she has not reviled her age and birthday yet. Currently, she lives in Positano, Italy with her husband Carlo and daughter Skye. She has a whopping net worth of $143,000 as of 2023.

Videos on the Nicki Positano YouTube channel are mainly based on Lifestyle, Tourism, and Food. Let’s peep into the latest facts about her family, lifestyle, and some FAQs you love to know.

Everyday life in Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. I’m a scooter riding, mountain climbing, lemon growing make up artist and I kayak a lot with my dog.

Nicki Positano

Nicki Positano Biography & Early Life

Nicki’s real name is Nicki Storey, and she was born in Wimbledon, which is famous for tennis championships. She lived in Surrey, just southwest of London, and it was a very classic, charming, and modest English countryside area that was lovely.

Nicki’s whole family was engaged in the TV production industry. Her dad was a cameraman and production manager. Nicki’s mother was a vision mixer, and her brother worked for NBC News.

When she was twelve, one of her school friend’s parents invited her to come on their holiday to Positano, and she was with them. She absolutely loved Positano as it was more freedom than London. After that, she decided to live in Positano, Italy. She never went to Positano with her family, but they visited her there.

Nicki Positano speaks fluent Italian, but the native language is still an effort for her. At present, Nicki lives with her loving husband, daughter, and a bunch of animals in a lovely homemade house in the valley above Positano.

Nicky Storey and her husband Carlo at Positano
Nicky Storey and her husband Carlo at Positano

Nicki Positano Family & Relationships

Nicky Positano married her husband Carlo 20 years ago. Carlo is Italian. Then, they had a little daughter called Sky. 

Nicki Positano’s family lives in a house in Positano, and it’s situated 465 steps down from the road above. They grow their own fruits and vegetables and keep fit with 465 steps from the road to the front door.

About eight years ago, they met a little lady dog, Holy, and she has never left them since. Generally, she goes back to London every winter on a flight from Naples to London. Unfortunately, she hasn’t returned to London and is waiting to see her dad and brothers again.

Nicki Positano Career

Before Nicki came to Positano, she was working in the TV industry as a makeup artist. Nicki Positano started her YouTube channel 16 years ago.

Her first video was published on YouTube on 24th June 2006, and it was called “ROBOCOP DANCING”.

In 2019, She uploaded one video per month to the Nicky Positano YouTube channel. Then she rebranded her channel and named it “Positano Diaries” and developed the logo as well. Suddenly during the lockdown period, she got 20000 views overnight, and it was increasing day by day.

Then in 2020, She put out a video that went viral and brought in over 60000 new followers. Through that video, she started earning a bit of money, and she felt great to have some income through her channel.

She has already proved that she is really good at reporting, presenting, and videographing.

Nicky Positano with her daughter Sky
Nicky Positano with her daughter Sky

Social media

In 2006 Nicki started blogging about the day-to-day lifestyle in Positano. Although that blog is no longer online, the most important blog posts and some of her favorites are still on the blog.

YouTubing is Nicki’s famous social media, and she has 193K subscribers and over 33 million views.
On Instagram, she shares photos of everyday life and uses stories to show you more real life as it happens.

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How much is Nicki Positano’s net worth in 2023?

The approximate net worth of Nicki Positano is 148,000 $. According to news sources, YouTube brings $ 3000 Monthly and 36,000 $ annually, and her influence brings some amount too.

Generally, the net worth is calculated based on the publicity available, and it’s based on the CPM (cost per thousand views) paid by advertisers.

So, to sum it up

Although most of Nicki’s career facts are in this article, there is nothing much about their birthdays and age. She is still a busy woman and will do much more videos in the future. After that, we will update you with that information as well.

Nicki Positano's husband Carlo
Nicki Positano’s husband Carlo

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How old is Nicki Positano?

It seems she is in her late forties. She has not revealed her age and birthday yet.

Who is Nicki Positano’s husband?


How much does Nicki Positano earn from YouTube?

She earns 36,000$ annually for her YouTube channel.

Where is Nicki Positano Now?

She lives in a valley above Positano.

What camera does Nicky Positano use?

Sony ZV1, iPhone 12pro and DJI Mavic Mini 2

Are Nikki and Carlo married?

Yes, Nicki and Carlo were married for 20 years

How many children does Nicki Positano have?

One daughter and She is Skye, born in Positano

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