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How rich is Youtuber MBbants? + Lifestyle and Facts

How rich is Youtuber MBbants? + Lifestyle and Facts

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Although Youtubing has spread up to various niches within a short time, the sarcasm has been the real deal all the time. But, it must be admitted that there is still a lack of real-world incidents based on sarcasm on YouTube. MBbants is among the limited number of such YouTube channels.

This article will explain who MBbants is, their Family and Relationships, Social Media, Net Worth, and some questions you may have about him. The MBbants has reached more than 361K subscribers on Youtube.

MBbants biography and early life

MBbants was born on October 27, 2000. His name, MBbants is a stage name for his personality, and it was just a trial. MBbant’s real name is Michael Boahen. The 21 old Youtuber is from the United Kingdom, where his parents raised him. Michael is a Scorpio.

The Youtuber has Ghanaian relations to his blood, and his family has been settled in England for the last few decades. His parents raised him in England. Michael has had his primary and secondary education in the UK and has not revealed where yet. He indeed must have had a proper education as his entertaining ability for the videos is higher.

MBbants - Michael Boahen
MBbants – Michael Boahen

Family and relationships

Michael has not revealed his parents. The only thing we know about his family is that they are from Ghana and live in England. He has not revealed much about his siblings as well. It seems he doesn’t have any. If he did have, he would have made them appear on his YouTube videos. Since Michael is just 21 years, he is not married yet.

He has not revealed much about dating and relationships with girls. But, along with his “Roadman goes to therapy with his girlfriend ” YouTube video he brought Tiyana as his girlfriend. Tiyana Rielle. There is nothing to know about her either, but she started a YouTube channel after she cooperated with Michael. So, let’s see if she is really MBbant’s girlfriend.

MBbants net worth

MBbants has a net worth of $ 181K. The Youtubing has been the primary income source for Michael as well. He has uploaded 309 videos to Youtube since his arrival In 2019. Along with the 361K, he gets a higher income for views.

The Youtuber has not found any affiliate or influence yet as he follows a minimalized sarcasm theme in his videos. Although he has uploaded videos on Tik Tok, he has not succeeded there yet.


Youtubing is the only thing MBbants knows. He started his YouTube channel in 2019, and he has increased the number of followers from 0 to 361 K. He simply impresses the audience by providing short video content and making them laugh.

The Roadmen video series was one of the most famous themes for his videos. When it comes to “When roadmen jump in the same elevator as you.” it was the best according to lots of his fans. Although there are guest appearances from famous YouTubers on his channel, he has worked alone in his videos. Not as a single role-play, but multiple characters have been played by him most of the time.

There are few fluctuations in his acting career as he could appear on a BBC video once. Also, he could act in the PRU (2020), and it was his first role as a debutant. Although he had appeared in just five episodes along with his role, Jaeden, it was an admirable role play.

Social media

MBbants is on Instagram, Facebook, Tik tok and Twitter. He is not much active on Facebook and Twitter. Although he has got just 301 like on Facebook, he has more than 17k followers on Twitter.

Instagram is the most popular platform for Michael. He has got 131k followers on Instagram now. He provides updates about his career, upcoming Youtube videos, and relationships he has. But, he has not introduced his girlfriend to Instagram yet.


How tall is MBbants?

Michael has not revealed his height officially. But, it seems that he is about 6.1ft tall.

How old is MBbants?

MBbants is 21 years old. He will turn 22 this October.

Where does MBbants live?

He is living in England at present.

What is MBbants real name?

His real name is Michael Boahen.

Who is MBbants girlfriend?

He has not revealed his girlfriend officially. But, it looks like there is something special between Tiyana, one of the guests who appeared in his “Roadman goes to therapy with his girlfriend” video.

Has MBbants acted on television?

Yes, he appeared on PRU (2021) in 05 episodes.

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