Zeno Sputafuoco Net Worth and Facts You Love to Know

Zeno Sputafuoco Net Worth and Facts You Love to Know

The Italian man, Zeno Sputafuoco surprised the whole audience and judges of AGT. He performed on the AGT stage on Tuesday, 7th of June 2022 on NBC. It is sure to be one of the most shocking acts on AGT’s stage during season 17. His dangerous and risky tricks left the judges horrified. Zeno has written about his performance on Instagram. He said, “Dreams are becoming a reality,” he says. This article will explain Zeno’s biography, career, net worth, family, and relationships.

Zeno Sputafuoco biography and early Life

Zeno Sputafuoco lives in Succivo in Italy. He is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. He seems to be 30-40 years of age. Nothing more about his birth date. Zeno is a Caucasian. His religion is Christianity. There is very less information about his personal life.

No information about his childhood. Even there is no picture of his family. Zeno is happy to perform for the kids. He has performed fire acts for several years. Zeno Sputafuoco is not a talkative man. This person is always guaranteed to be silent when he performed for others.

He is a reality star for a period of time. However, he is a strange person. His performances are really different from the others.

Zeno Sputafuoco in America's Got Talent
Zeno Sputafuoco in America’s Got Talent

Family and relationship

There is no information about his parents and siblings. No details about his partner and friends. He hasn’t shared any pictures of them on his social media accounts.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

Zeno came to the stage and stayed in a silent mood. Judges asked many questions, but he didn’t reply to any. He started his performance by sticking a metal spiral to his nose. Then he took it out of his mouth. Judges and the audience were shocked. They sounded as much as they can. The presenter, Terry Crews said,’ Guys please do not try this at home” he says.

Then he asked Sofia Vergara to come onto the stage. Next Heidi Klum got the invitation to the stage. Zeno asked both of them to get on to a cart. Then he sticks two metal spirals up his nose. He pulls a cart by using them with two judges riding on it. Then, Simon said,” I’m going to say yes because I like disgusting originally,” he says. Eventually, Zeno deserved his spot on the AGT stage with four “yes” es by all four judges.


Zeno Sputafauco is a talented guy and participated in season 7 of “Got Talent Espana”. He reached the semifinals of it. Zeno was a nerve-tracking one at that stage. He shocked the world audience using scissors, hooks, and an electric fan. His performances are really unusual and terrifying. 

He also participated in the Italian version of the program called “Italy’s Got Talent”. Zeno knows how to perform on a Got Talent stage. Zeno also auditioned for the 16th series of France Got Talent. He has failed to reach the live shows as Helene Segara buzzed him.

Social media

Zeno has 1734 followers on Instagram and he constantly updates his followers at different venues with his shocking performances. He is on Instagram as @zeno_il_fachiro_sputafuoco. He maintains his Facebook page as Zeno Sputafuoco e Piripicchio.  

His performance in the American Got Talent has already been viewed by more than 800K viewers.  His performances on Spain Got Talent and Italian Got Talent’s stages were amazing and some videos are still on YouTube.

Also, he is maintaining a YouTube channel called Zeno Sputafuoco & Piripicchio. He has uploaded 24 videos to it. But he has only 115 subscribers.

Zeno Sputafuoco Net worth

Seno Sputafuoco’s net worth is around $80K to 85K. He is performing fire acts and earning some money for his expenses.  However, he won a considerable amount of prizes from the Spain Got Talent as he reached the semifinals of it.


This article has explained Zeno’s very first performance on the stage in America Got Talent. It is very clear that the experience he gained from Spain Got Talent and Italian Got Talent was tactically used for the world’s biggest talent show. But there is nothing much about his biography, family, and relationships.

He makes sure not to provide his personal information to anyone. Probably, he will be stunning on the AGT’s stage in the next rounds. But keep in your mind, that he is not the first person to pull nose stunts on the AGT stage.


Where is from Zeno Sputafuoco?

  Zeno is from Succivo in Italy.

How old is Zeno Sputafuoco?

There is not much evidence about his age. Zeno is approximately 30-40 years old.  

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