Who is the man behind the Letters From Ro YouTube channel

Who is the man behind the Letters From Ro YouTube channel?

I found this YouTube channel weeks ago. A video titled “I wrote a story for you! is the first video I watched on this channel. Since then I have watched all the videos on the Letters from Ro YouTube channel and can’t wait until the next one. This article is a quick journey about the man behind Letters From Ro, his net worth, family and relationships, and facts you love to know.

Who is behind Letters From Ro?

Rohan Merill is the man behind Letters From Ro. He turns 25 this August 2024. He is from Winthrop, Washington, United States. Meril told stories Inspired by nature on his YouTube channel.

Rohan Merill biography

Rohan is an artist, writer, musician, and YouTube vlogger. He graduated from Seattle University in Business/Managerial Economics. He is working as a filmmaker as his 9 to 5 job. You know he is 25 years old as of 2024 and still a single person.

Letters From Ro - Rohan Merrill
Letters From Ro – Rohan Merrill

Family and relationships

Rohan Merrill’s parents are featured on some of his YouTube videos. His father is a Washington native and his mother is from Puerto Rico. He has two siblings Paola Merrill and Liana Merrill. Liana is a martial artist and Paola Merrill is a YouTuber who goes by The Cottage Fairy. You may wonder who is Letters From Ro’s girlfriend. Rohan Merrill currently not dating anyone.

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Letters From Ro’s net worth 2024 & How he makes money?

Rohan Merill makes money from YouTube Channel revenues, his job, Affiliations, and some amount as an Artist/Musician. But he has not shared his net worth yet. We will update this content once it comes to the public.

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Social media

Rohan Merill is active on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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