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Derek Boyd Net worth 2024, Biography and Latest Facts about his Lifestyle

Derek Boyd well-known as Derkslurp is a popular social media influencer from America. The TikTok star gained fame through his ‘Derkslurp’ TikTok account. 2024 updates of Derkslurp’s net worth are not available. However, it’s ranging from $1- $5 million.

Derek maintains an entertainment-centered TikTok account, of which 18.3 million people follow him. He got famous for his lip-syncing and comedic videos. He also owns a YouTube channel called ‘derkslurp’, where he shares even more content. His fans love the creativity combined with his videos and have awarded him with 842 million likes.

Explore more regarding the TikTok star Derkslurp’s earnings, career highlights, relationships, and the latest news about Derek’s lifestyle.

Derek Boyd (Image source- Instagram)

Derek Boyd’s net worth 2024 and how he makes money?

As a popular internet personality, Derek Boyd possesses a considerable net worth. But, still 2024 updates of his net worth are not available. According to sources, his net worth is ranging from $1- $5 million. His net worth in 2022, is $1.5 million.

Derek Boyd has turned his social media activity into a full-time career, which made it his primary source of income. He had already amassed a significant following by the time he finished high school. This enabled him to pursue social media work full-time.

Excluding brand collaborations, Derek makes about $16k per post on TikTok, where he has 18.3 million followers.

Furthermore, his YouTube content receives millions of views generating him another source of income. He makes $3k per post on YouTube.

Additionally, he also earns from his merchandise sales. Derek Boyd now enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, boasting ownership of luxurious vehicles, and various other extravagant possessions.

Derek Boyd


Derek Boyd Age and Biography

Derkslurp was born in Oregon, United States. He is an American social media influencer. He was born on 15 March 2001.

His parents are Charles Boyd and Kathryn Boyd. He also has two siblings, Ryan and Madison. Sometimes his family is featured in his YouTube videos.

Real nameDerek Boyd
ProfessionNot Found
Age23 years
Zodiac signMarch 15, 2001
Birth datePisces
BirthplaceSalem, Oregon, USA
Lives inSalem, Oregon, USA
Derek Boyd’s Net worth 2024Not found
Height5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight66 kg (143 pounds)
Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorDark brown
PartnerNot Found
Father nameCharles Boyd
Mother nameKathryn Boyd
SiblingsTwo- Ryan and Madison

Derek Boyd’s Boyfriend

After appearing to be single for a long time, Derek Boyd is in a relationship. On June 29, 2023, derkslurp uploaded a video on YouTube, titled ‘I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for over a year without meeting‘.

Then he shared their lovely pictures and reels on Instagram with a guy.

Derek Boyd with his boyfriend

On the 1st of January, 2024 he shared a picture of the couple stating publicly on Instagram, that they have been engaged.

Where does the name Derkslurp come from?

The name Derek is actually the real name of TikTok star derkslurp. The Boyd family name comes from “MacGiolla Buidhe”, which means the yellow-haired youth’s son. 

Where does the name derkslurp come from?

Derek has recently talked about the origin of his username. It’s pretty clear that the first part, ‘derk’, is a play on his real name Derek.

The last part ‘slurp’, is just a reference to the brand Slurpee. He Slurpees and has one every single day. When he was struggling to come up with a username, he decided to include this brand next to his name and voila: derkslurp was born.

Derek Boyd Family

Derek leads a pretty normal life. Unlike big YouTubers, a TikTok star is not earning millions as of today.

He is very reserved about his private life. It seems like he has no intention of putting his family into the centre of attention. Apart from the occasional cameos derkslurp’s family is not included on his channels.

Derkslurp with his grandmother
Derkslurp with his grandmother

Derek Boyd TikTok Career and Other social media

Derek Boyd started TikTok before it was even called TikTok. It was called He grew fond of the short video format this app has. He told reporters that it’s so much easier for him than YouTube. Derek feels like making videos for YouTube is a lot of effort. More editing and more thinking go into YouTube.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, he can get creative and doesn’t have to think too much about the content he posts. His hard work is definitely paying off as he has managed to attract love from his fans.

Derek is also active on Instagram, but it’s a different format for him. He has just 433k followers on the platform.

Finally, he has quite a popular YouTube channel. It currently sits at 2.46 million subscribers with a good engagement rate for new videos.

Interesting Facts about Derek Boyd

  • Derek started using TikTok before it was called TikTok.
  • He loves Slurpee so much it’s in his username.
  • US TV Show ‘The Office’ is among his favourites.
  • Derek doesn’t have a manager.

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Who is Derkslurp?

Derek Boyd, well-known as Derkslurp is a popular social media star, from America. He rose to fame through his Derkslurp TikTok channel.

Who is Derkslurp dating in 2024?

According to Derkslurp’s Instagram, he is in a relationship with a guy. His identity has not been found.

Where does Derkslurp live currently?

Derkslurp lives in Salem, Oregon, USA, where he was born and raised.

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