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Fairyland Cottage Net Worth, Their Baby & Latest News

Fairyland Cottage Net Worth, Their Baby & Latest News

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It is an Ireland family YouTube channel and the lady called Niamh is the main character and the woman behind Fairyland Cottage. On their YouTube channel, they are really focused on how to maintain a simple, low-waste, and natural healthy lifestyle with healthy recipes and natural products. However, they still do not reveal exactly their net worth, but we can update their youtube channel’s net worth as $60,712 as of 2023. Once a time, they leave their youtube channel and return five months later. They have a baby, her name is Uma.

What is a fairyland cottage?

The fairyland cottage is an upcoming YouTube channel done by an Irish family. Lady Niamh is the creator of this channel and she got the help of her husband to continue this for all the viewers around the world. Niamh and her husband live in a rural area in Ireland, in a small and old look 300 years old cottage with thick whitewashed walls.

From this amazing location, they enjoy every early morning by feeling the sunrise, listening to birds’ songs, and having a fresh walk through the cottage surroundings. “Fairyland cottage” is the cottage that they have called home for the last six years and the namesake of their YouTube channel.  

Who is Fairyland Cottage?

Fairyland Cottage Niamh

Niamh, an Irish lady is the founder of Fairyland cottage. She has BSc degree in Nursing Science. Niamh Traynor unique quality is to be different from the mainstream, living with less, liberating from common things, and doing her own thing. She likes looking nice and having a nice cottage but she has a strong desire for simplicity which overrides the needs and desires of modern life.

Niamh used to reject makeup, decorations, and trappings as she feels that it was a waste for her to place so much energy on external things.  She is a woman with calm in her life and she thinks that she is happier by doing the simple things in life.

Fairyland Cottage Terry

Niamh’s husband is a talented person who is called Terry. Terry works in the film industry and he is the person who filmed and edited most of Fairyland’s videos. As the videos of Fairylands went viral, he bought new cameras, microphones, and other essential technical items to film and edit Fairyland’s videos in order to provide a technically sound video.  

As he is a freelancer, he has the time to work on fairyland videos and they really enjoy making them. Niamh’s family has another member charming wild cat jokingly named Dove.  

Fairyland Cottage Niamh and her husband Terry
Fairyland Cottage Niamh and her husband Terry


The idea was suggested by Niamh’s husband to share her love of healthy baking with the world. As her husband worked in the Film industry, he used to film the videos of her some baking and cooking recipes using his old camera and microphone. Then the Fairyland cottage YouTube channel was created and she used to upload a short video every week.  

They joined YouTube on 25th April 2012 and still, they are maintaining their YouTube channel in an attractive way. Through their YouTube channel, Niamh encourages you to live free from the trapping of modern life and old-fashioned ways. And now, they enjoy a restful, inspiring, and simple lifestyle and she wants to become more self-sufficient and off-grid.

Does Fairyland Cottage Niamh have a baby?

Fairyland Cottage Niamh and her husband Terry met in an acting class, and they have one daughter named Uma. She came to this world in October 2021.

What happens to Fairyland Cottage?

However, Niamh and Terry said farewell to their Fairyland Cottage YouTube channel on 29th August 2021. They pointed out that they have to take a break from their YouTube channel to get involved in another important project. They made a farewell speech to their audience through their youtube channel and said, “Farewell for a few months”, but after five months, they appeared again on their youtube channel.

Social media

Fairyland Cottage YouTube channel has already passed 349K subscribers and they have posted 263 videos to their channel. Fairyland Cottage family already has 28M viewers on their YouTube channel and it’s counting in each second. Viewers used to share their calm quiet days with consistent recommendations and low waste opinions.

Their videos are highly organized and they produce some background music in their videos which really emphasizes the theme of the video. The music credit of their videos should go to StoryBlocks Audio and Winter Rose by Robert John Mate. Soundscape media. Fairyland Cottage Instagram profile has 54.8K followers and they have 848 posts.

Fairyland Cottage net worth

They have saved an incredible amount of money because of the simple life they lead. The approximate net worth of Fairyland’s is around 5,2415 $. According to news sources, they make money from being a Youtuber and his husband earns a considerable amount by doing things related to the film industry.

They earn nearly 2126 $ monthly and 22556$ annually. The average earnings per video of Fairyland cottage is around 38$ to 253$.

So, to sum it up

In this article there are so many facts about Fairyland’s career and about their social media activities, but nothing much about their personal life. They don’t have children, but they will.  We will update you with the latest information. 


What is the Niamh fairyland cottage age?

Its nearly 300 years in age 

Where is the fairyland cottage?

Rural area in Ireland.

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