5 Things you must know before visiting Santa Monica Beach

5 Things you must know before visiting Santa Monica Beach

Have you ever visited Santa Monica beach the most iconic place in Sothern California? If you are not, here are the things you must know before visiting Santa Monica Beach. 

1. Can you BBQ at Santa Monica beach?

Most people believe that the birthplace of beach culture is Santa Monica State Beach. But there are things you can’t do there. Let’s talk about BBQ. 

You cannot make or use fire or burn charcoal to make BBQ, except on a masonry or concrete stove, barbecue grill, or fire pit provided by the city for such work.

2. Can you smoke in Santa Monica Beach?

Santa Monica was the first city to prosecute bars for allowing patrons to smoke. But it was twenty years ago. 

Currently in Santa Monica both smoking and vaping (e-cigarettes) are prohibited not only on the third street promenade but also in most public places like beaches and parks. So, you cannot smoke at Santa Monica Beach.

Is Santa Monica beach dog friendly?

3. Is Santa Monica beach dog friendly?

If you are a person who travels with your dog you may wonder does Santa Monica beach allows dogs?

Most places on Santa Monica State Beachs allow dogs, and some places will not allow you to walk with your furry friend.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to be aware of the rules before visiting with your Dog.

  • For areas where dogs are allowed, your pet should be on a leash and always under your control.
  • Your dog should behave well and not interfere with or interfere with other guests’ activities.
  • Beach assistants may ask you to go out with your dog if your dog disturbs others.

4. Are there sharks at Santa Monica beach?

Santa Monica Bay is famous as a great white shark nursery hotpot. It means there are sharks in the Santa Monica Sea. 

Now you may wonder is Santa Monica Beach safe to swim in? It’s safe to swim or surf there, although it is very cold due to the Pacific Ocean. Don’t think about sharks, they don’t come near to the beach.

sharks at Santa Monica beach

5. What time does the Santa Monica beach close?

There is no official closing time for Santa Monica Beach. But most of Santa Monica State Beach parking lots are closed by 10 pm as the sunsets. 

If you plan to come at night you have to find the car park that stays open. The Upper Santa Monica Pier deck lot is open 24-7 and lot 1N closes at 2 am. We recommend being on the beach from 8 am to 10 pm.

So, to sum it up

There are lots to do in Santa Monica Beach. It’s a great place to stay for a day or for a very nice walk here and there because it’s a very clean and safe beach. But we believe that you should be aware of the above things before you come. Wormley welcomes you all to Santa Monica.

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