The Flying Royals net worth and everything you love to know

The Flying Royals net worth and everything you love to know

Justin and April Chodkowski founded the Flying Royals. It is a group of Flying Trapeze artists and students of the country’s top Circus schools. Since 2009, they have been performing as Catcher and Flyer at a variety of venues across the world. They include Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas, NV, and Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba in Orlando, Florida.

The Flying Royals Team

The Flying Royals Team members
The Flying Royals Team members

At the age of 12, Justin became an acrobat with the world-famous Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus. At an increasingly rapid rate of development, Justin learned to master the most exhilarating performances in show business, including performing in front of a live audience while riding a motorbike in an open-air globe race and launching himself as a Human Cannonball.

When it comes to the Flying Trapeze, he has been a flyer and catcher for over 20 years. He’s performed in some of the world’s most famous venues, including Germany, Monte Carlo, Japan, and Mexico, as well as in practically all of the United States. Only a handful of catchers have nabbed stunts like Justin’s double, double half, and quadruple somersaults.

April got her start as a gymnast in the Flying High Circus at Florida State University. When she finished college with a bachelor’s degree in food science and nutrition, she joined the Flying Pages. And she has been a professional musician ever since. April is one of the most accomplished female trapeze artists in the world today. She has performed for nearly 15 years across the United States and the rest of the world. She will also perform as a Ringmistress and a Cloudswing solo act.

It’s a genuinely international team, with players from all across the Americas and Europe contributing to the presentation. Trapeze, Lyra, and dual trapeze are just some of the other skills these talented performers have to offer!

Justin and April
Justin and April

What happened at AGT?

During Monday night’s “America’s Got Talent: Extreme,” a 90-year-old stunt grandmother came out of retirement to ride a motorbike with her grandson through a blazing building, despite her age.

During the second episode of the “AGT” spin-off series, the infamously harsh Simon Cowell made a full comeback and engaged in some risky antics. He’d explain it away by saying he was only being completely truthful.

The Flying Royals trapeze act, on the other hand, was dismissed by Cowell as “boring.” The eight-person Orlando troupe claims to be the only crisscrossing trapeze performers in the world, displaying near-mid-air misses and acrobatic leaps in their performances. However, it appeared as if Cowell was barely holding back a yawn.

He did, however, like the scene in which one of the performers stumbled while performing a mid-air technique and fell to the ground, much to the delight of the audience.

“The best thing was one of you falling down if I’m being honest,” Cowell stated as the group reassembled following their performance. “Interchangeable” and “not much personality” were Cowell’s words for the tight-knit gang in matching attire.

“I’m trying to find things we have never seen before,” Cowell said of the mission of “AGT: Extreme.” “You’ll hate me, but I’m going to kick this off with a ‘no.’ “

Cowell explained the objective of the “AGT: Extreme” show: “I’m trying to find the stuff we’ve never seen before.” “You’ll hate me, but I’m going to start with a ‘no.'”

Following Cowell’s dismissal, the group was one “no” vote away from being booted from the contest. Other judges, though, intervened. Nikki Bella, a WWE star, said that they all have incredible physical abilities… Even with one drop, she says, it was a terrific show, voting “yes”. Travis Pastrana praised the team for “taking risks” and voted them through a stunt performance judge.

The Flying Royals aren’t in the finals, but they’re still in contention. “We do have more up our sleeve. You will not be disappointed,” they promised everyone, including renowned trapeze skeptic Cowell.

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The Flying Royals’ net worth

They haven’t made their net worth known to the general public to the best of our knowledge.

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