Meet Singer Bay Turner AGT 2022 + Biography and Net worth

Bay Tuner was a singer in season 17 of America’s Got Talent and was eliminated in the Deliberations. His audition was remarkable as Bay Turner has a great vocal range where he runs into different octaves very smoothly. But this bay has come after recovering a surgery and shocked the audience with his soaring voice at the audition.

It’s nearly a year after he appeared on America’s Got Talent. Let’s find out what happened to him after AGT 2022 with the latest news.

What is Bay Turner Doing Now?

Bay is continuing his career as a singer and he has recently released his song single “My Testimony” on Spotify and YouTube. He is doing many song covers on his social media profiles apart from performing in Gospel music.

Bay Turner biography

Bay’s full name is Bailey Turner. His nickname is Bay. He is 26 years old. Bay is from Houston, Texas, United States. He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. His birthday is on 22nd August 1997. Turner is doing Legal Assistant as his day job and currently works from home.

Singer Bay Turner is a Gospel musician and a professional vocalist. He studies at Texas State University. Singer Bay Turner is an American. His religion is Christianity. He believes in his religion a lot and talks about it on social media as well. His marital status is unmarried.

Bay Turner in America's Got Talent
Bay Turner in America’s Got Talent

Why did Bay Turner have Surgery and  What happened then?

Bay Turner singer had to undergo surgery to remove a pair of benign tumors from his chest.  That surgery affects him a lot and left his vocal cords paralyzed.

Family and relationship

His father’s name is Scott Turner. He is a former Retired officer at Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Now, Scott Turner is a Sergeant at Waller County Sherriff’s Office. He is in a relationship with Angela Ordonez. It seems like Bay’s Mother and Father have separated. Bay’s father’s birthday is on 22nd June.

Bay’s mom came with him to watch his audience on AGT. But he didn’t reveal much about her mom. There is no information about his girlfriend and siblings. Bay Turner loves much to his grandmother much. His grandmom’s name is Joy Daniel. Her death feels a lot for him and he has kept a sweet tribute to his grandmom on his Facebook by sending prayers.

Bay Turner has uploaded a photo on his Instagram profile with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day 2023. But he didn’t mention his girlfriend’s name there.

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?        

When Simon asked, “ You are on your own today” Bay replied by pointing out to the audience, “ My mom is in the audience.” “Music has always been a safe place for me” He expresses his thoughts on music and how much he loves music. Then he describes the tough period that he passed after facing surgery.

Singer Bay Turner launched Calum Scott’s “Biblical” with his sensational voice. After the audition, judges were on their feet to appreciate his incredible performance. “ You have a really beautiful tone and you have got great taste” Simon gives his best compliments to him. Eventually, he received lovely four and a half thousand yeses to advance for the judge cut round. 



He loves to engage in music while he doing his day job as a legal assistant. His surgery affects a lot for his music career. After having a recovery, AGT singer Bay begins to perform in Church meets at opera houses. He performed in a musical show titled “ Upon this Rock” last May at Hope City. In July 2022, he released his first-ever song,” My Testimony,” which has reached over 17k views in the last few months. His dream is to sell out the biggest stages around the world and just make people feel something.

Social Media

You can hear Bay’s music on Spotify. Also, he is available on Apple Music with his new releases. Even, you can follow him on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. His performance on AGT has passed over 682K views on YouTube. He used to upload his performed videos on YouTube which are a mix of covers and original tracks.

Turner announced his first release on Instagram as, “ NEW MUSIC OUT TODAY!!!!” Bay uses his social media space to note both his music and his religion. Turner has over 9.9K followers on Instagram. He has uploaded 61 posts to it.

The official page of America’s Got Talent has posted his audition and it has over 1.6 million views and still counts. Bay Turner AGT has 1.6K followers on Facebook. He is also maintaining a Facebook page to maintain his career.

Bay Turner’s Net Worth

There are no exact figures on his net worth. Exactly he earns a fixed monthly income as he is a Legal Assistant. Also, he may earn a considerable amount of money by performing as a vocalist in musical shows, events, and concerts.  


Although most of  Bay’s social media facts are in this article, there is nothing much about his biography and net worth. No information about his girlfriend, mother, and siblings. Are you a newly acquired fan of Bay?  This young talented man will deliver stunning auditions in his next rounds on AGT. Wait until he next appears on “AGT” to hear more from him.


How old is Bay Turner AGT?

Bay Turner AGT is 25 years of age.

Where is AGT Bay Turner from?

AGT Bay Turner is from Houston, Texas, United States.

Why did Bay Turney have surgery?

Bay turner had undergone surgery to remove a pair of benign tumors from his chest. 

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