Recap Of Madonna's No.1 Hits On the Billboard Hot 100 Happy Birthday Madonna!

Recap Of Madonna’s No.1 Hits On the Billboard Hot 100 | Happy Birthday Madonna!

Madonna, the ‘Queen of Pop’ is celebrating her 65th birthday! The popular singer, songwriter, and actress was born on August 16, 1958. Madonna is a celebrated icon across the globe with many studio, soundtrack, live, compilation, and other limited album releases. As the global star celebrates her birthday, we would like to take a look at her No.1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Let’s dive in!

Take A Bow

This is a popular hit released with her sixth studio album, Bedtime Stories. The song was released in 1994 to the world. It stood on top of the Billboard list for 7 weeks!


Released in 1990, this popular hit also took the No.1 spot on the list for 3 weeks. The song reached the top within a month of its release!


This is the title track for her eighth studio album. The song was released in 2000 and has been on the No.1 spot for 4 weeks.

Crazy For You

The hit song was recorded by Madonna for the movie ‘vision quest.’ The song got released to the audience in 1985. It secured the No.1 spot for just one week.

This Used To Be My Playground

The popular song is the theme for the movie ‘A League of Their Own.‘ Madonna starred in the movie and portrayed a fictionalized character of the ‘All-American Girls Professional Baseball League‘. The song stayed on the top spot for a week.

Like A Virgin

The song is from her second album ‘Like A Virgin‘ in 1984. Tom Kelly wrote and composed the song for Madonna. It safeguarded the top position on the Billboard list for 6 weeks!

Live To Tell

True Blue,’ her third studio album had this popular hit song. The song reached a global audience in 1986. It has been in the Billboard No.1 position for a week!

Open Your Heart

This is another iconic song from her third album. It also reached the top of Billboard! After being on the chart for 18 weeks, the song secured the top position for a week.

Papa Don’t Preach

Madonna’s third studio album True Blue in 1986 had the song ‘Papa Don’t Preach.’ The song reached and stayed at No.1 for 2 weeks.

Like A Prayer

 This hit track of Madonna is a pop-rock song! One of the most unique things is the incorporation of gospel music in the track. The song stayed on top of the chart for 3 weeks!

Justify My Love

The iconic track is from her first albumGreatest Hits.’ This top collection was released to the world in 1990. The song stood in the No.1 position for 2 weeks!

Who’s That Girl

The famous song is from the movie ‘Who’s That Girl,‘ in 1987! Both Madonna and Patrick Leonard wrote and produced the song. Also, Who’s That Girl reached No.1 on the Billboard chart within one month. The song secured the top position only for a week.


As the ‘Queen of Pop’ celebrates her 65th birthday, we are giving a recap of some of her many popular hits. Out of her many iconic work, some of the greatest tracks have secured the No.1 Position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This is a celebration of true talent. Happy Birthday Madonna!

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