Leafy Sea Dragon | The Dragon Who Can’t Breathing Fire

Imagine finding a creature that seems like it comes from a magical storybook, elegantly gliding through the underwater wonderland. Say hello to the leafy sea dragon – an incredible sea creature that looks like it’s covered in delicate leaves. Let’s go to find out more about this cute dragon.

Leafy Sea Dragon’s Appearance

Leafy sea dragons, which are also called Phycodurus eques, are famous for their stunning appearance. Imagine having leaf-like decorations all over your body, making them look like floating leaves in the ocean. These “leaves” aren’t just for looks – they help them hide really well. They can easily blend into their environment, like hiding and disappearing into sea forests. These leaves also help dragons to stay safe from the animals who can have them and they can sneak up on their own prey slowly.

Where can found Leafy Sea Dragons?

Leafy sea dragons love to live near the coast of Australia, which is a big island country. They hang out in places with rocks, seagrass, and big plants called kelp. That’s the place for leafy sea dragons with plenty of food and a cozy home to live.  The water around Australia is just the right temperature for them to live happily and have little ones.

Leafy sea dragon’s behavior

Watching a leafy sea dragon move is like watching an underwater dance. They glide through the water gently, swaying like plants. They are innocent and peaceful sea animals that live along with others. When they’re feeling hungry, they enjoy eating small sea creatures like tiny shrimp and little bugs. They use their long, straw-like snouts to slurp up their food.


When they are in the age of reproduction, they do something super special. First, the male sea dragon shows off his brightest colors to impress a female. If she’s into him, she lays her eggs on a special spot on the boy’s tail. He steps to be a great father by guarding those eggs until they are ready to hatch. Out come the baby sea dragons, all set to start their own ocean adventures. But it’s no easy ride for these little ones – they need to watch out for dangers and strong ocean currents.

What Makes Them Special?

These sea dragons are special because they’re like real-life magic creatures. Their disguise helps them hide, their leisurely dance-like moves are calming, and they have a big role in keeping the sea balanced. They also make people really curious and excited about the ocean and everything in it.


In a world full of amazing creatures, the leafy sea dragon is like a diamond from the ocean. By taking care of these special creatures, we’re also taking care of our amazing ocean world.


Are They Disappearing?

Leafy sea dragons weren’t extinct but according to the consideration of Scientists, this species is near to being threatened with extinction. This amazing animal may be at risk of becoming more seriously endangered.

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