Meet Human Cannonball David The Bullet Smith at AGT 2022

Meet Human Cannonball David THE BULLET Smith at AGT 2022

David Smith, widely known as the “The Bullet,” is a Human cannonball. Human Cannonball David The Bullet Smith is very famous for his adventurous performances around the world. This actor holds many Guinness records and world records for his cannonball performance. David is considered one of the great living human cannonballs around the globe.

Biography and early life

Human Cannonball David “The Bullet” Smith Jr was born to an adventurous family in Salem, Oregon, to parents performing circus and gymnastic acts during his birth time. He has six siblings. David Smith Jr has lived in Florida, Missouri, and recently in Michigan.

His father, David Smith, Sr., is also a human cannonball. As you have already known, due to the thrill in blood David Smith, Sr ran with a circus to become a trapeze artist. David Smith Sr and his wife Jean Smith, as a part of “Rock smith flyers,” won the Circus world championship in London, England, in 1976. After this outstanding achievement, David Smith Sr. Wanted to become a Human cannonball. After some sleepless nights, failures, and hard work David Smith Sr built his Smith cannon. The hard work and perseverance helped David Smith Sr master the human cannon act. He was able to perform the Human cannon act inside North America successfully. 

Human Cannonball David The Bullet Smith
Human Cannonball David The Bullet Smith

David Smith Jr is currently 44 years old and married to Audrie Smith. The couple also has a daughter called Chloe. She is also supporting his father in cannonball performances.

What happened at America’s Got Talent?

David Smith Jr performed in the 7th series of world-famous America Got Talent, which premiered on the 21st of February 2022. Simon Cowell, Nikki Bella, and Travis Pastrana were the panel of Judges. David Smith said that there has never been a cannon fired at a steeper angle like this in the history of cannonball performance. 

The post’s tip, which carried a ring, is 90 feet in height from the ground. The circle was on fire to make his performance very risky. The windy climate, too, made the situation even worse. But whatever the obstacles came, Smith was 1000% ready to perform. Through his determination, Smith accomplished this humanc annon act perfectly. 

The main highlight of this event was that David Smith’s father, David Smith Sr, who is regarded as the world’s best human cannon, and David Smith’s daughter Chloe Smith were present to witness this outstanding performance.

Smith was responsible for preparing the cannon fire. Chloe smith told the media that she was nervous and thrilled initially. But at the end of the performance, she was delighted to be a part of this astonishing performance.

Travis, a judge, said that this performance is unbelievable, and he has never seen this sort of performance. Nikki said that the commission was spectacular, and she enjoyed the routine well. Simon noted that David Smith has got big balls and earned his respect. Three judges unanimously gave yes to this performance. David is now one step behind to reach the final.
Human Cannonball David ‘The Bullet’ Smith Flies High Through a Ring of Fire | AGT: Extreme 2022


David Smith Jr has been performing as a human cannonball for 25 years. As an adventurer, he acted this way since he was 19 years old after taking his father’s role. He has performed over 8ooo cannon shots worldwide.

David smith’s Records

David Smith is the highest-flying human cannonball in the world now. Currently, he holds 6 Guinness World Records. Ans also has broken his records three times. On the 13th of March 2018, he kept his world record for the farthest distance of 195feet being shot in Tampa, Florida.

He kept a new world record for the highest height of 89 feet, being shot as a human cannonball in 2019 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

David on human cannonball machine
David on human cannonball machine

Social media

If you are a fan of cannonball shows, you can follow David Smith’s “the bullet” social media. If you are an Instagram user, you can follow him on his Instagram account @humancannonballshow. Facebook users can like David “The Bullet” Smith AGT page.

Human Cannonball David The Bullet Smith net worth

David Smith earns his income from his Human Cannon act shows. But unfortunately, there is no other specific information we found about David Smith net worth. We will update that information very quickly.

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